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NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, February 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Usually, consumers avail both online and offline sources of information whenever they need to book services of different professionals. Click and Hire is a trustworthy portal that connects consumers to verified and licensed professionals for different types of services.

According to research, 12 to 15% of consumers prefer to use offline sources of information. On the other hand, 57 to 65% of consumers believe that online portals offer them better deals and easiness to book service professionals.

“In the 1990’s, nobody believed that services of different professionals can be hired online. Most people prefer to avail services for their different needs offline. But the scenario now has been completely changed. More and more people now prefer to go online whenever they need to book services such as moving service, pest control service, travel service, and so on”, said Mr. Dipesh Kumar, the CEO and Founder of Clickandhire.in.

The advent of the internet, the emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and the rise of mobile devices have given a boost to the online service booking industry in India.

The service industry is changing rapidly due to a growing number of booking portals and relevant apps. Whatever service you need to hire, you can now book it online.

There are several web portals and mobile apps that are facilitating consumers to book services online.

Customers are also benefiting from these portals and apps as they can get better services and prices by comparing different service providers.

For example, if you need to hire services of professional packers and movers for house shifting then you can book the right service provider online.

Some reference portals can give you free price estimates from different packers and movers.
As a result, you can compare the rates and hire the desired servicer at a reasonable price.

5 Reasons for Growth in Online Service Booking Portals
1. Saves you time
Finding the right professional for a specific service can be a tricky and challenging task. You may need to research information so that you can get better services and deals.

This will take your precious time. On the other hand, if you use a service booking portal, then you can quickly book the desired service from your home. This will save you time.

2. Helps in finding verified and licensed service providers
Finding a reliable service provider can be a difficult task. There is a risk of fraud. But if you use an online service booking portal then you will have the assurance of choosing from pre-verified service providers. You will not have to research a lot.

3. Ease of booking the desired service
Most service booking portals a user-friendly platform to book different types of services. You can quickly book the desired service by submitting your query online.

4. Quick quotations from trusted service providers
Online service booking portals provide free quotes from their partner service providers.
Usually, they provide free quotations from multiple professionals so that consumers can compare the rates before hiring the desired service.

5. Better deals of services
Consumers prefer to use online service booking portals due to better deals. Most portals provide price estimates from different vendors.

As a result, consumers are benefited from the competition of service providers and hence get better deals of services.

About Clickandhire.in
Clickandhire.in is a trustworthy portal through which consumers can hire different types of services by comparing quotations and checking reviews of multiple companies. The portal has made a partnership with the top-notch vendors from across India. Popular types of vendors and service professionals that can be hired thorough this portal are packers and movers, pest control, house painting, healthcare experts, physiotherapists, physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, wedding planners, interior designers, etc.

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