CloudHospital begins service to help foreigners in South Korea obtain quality healthcare

Telemedicine CloudHospital

Telemedicine CloudHospital

CloudHospital offers easy access to Korean healthcare by solving the language barrier for foreigners in obtaining primary care, secondary care via telemedicine

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — CloudHospital officially begins service to help foreigners living in South Korea obtain quality healthcare services with the help of its dedicated multi-lingual staff. Currently, there are about 2.5 million registered foreigners in Korea, which is itself a significant number in a nation of under 52 million. However, the number of foreigners in Korea is even larger if non-registered (undocumented) foreigners are in included in the tally, a number many estimate at about close to 3 million. Most of these foreigners living in Korea have very limited access to healthcare due to lack of participation in the national health insurance programs.

CloudHospital believes it can help foreigners living in Korea significantly by bridging the gap to ensure they can access healthcare via its partner hospitals and clinics through primary care, secondary care, and even help with fulfillment of prescriptions written by local doctors. In these difficult times with COVID-19, CloudHospital wants to play its part in helping those who need assistance in obtaining medical care and eliminate the language and system barriers.

In the near future, CloudHospital will implement these same types of assistance systems in other countries, as well. The ultimate goal of CloudHospital is to facilitate medical care for everyone in the world, wherever they are located.

About CloudHospital:
CloudHospital was started in 2019 in Seoul, South Korea, to meet the growing demand for the best medical services regardless of where the patients and doctors are located. In short, CloudHospital obliterates the traditional boundaries that have limited the best solutions to reach a wider audience. With proprietary technology solutions, CloudHospital aims to lead the newly identified sector with a robust back-end software platform and a staff with relevant experience in the medical field.

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