Comedian Stacey Prussman Announces Run for NYC Mayor With Alternative to the COVID Lockdown

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, December 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the threat of another coronavirus lockdown looming, many New Yorkers are concerned for their economic future. The failure of the Congressional stimulus response to this crisis, whose latest implementation provides a mere check of $600, shows a fundamental failure of the federal government to provide the support New Yorkers need. If we lock New York City down, we destroy struggling families’ only way to provide for themselves. The era of taking away people’s right to move freely and earn their living must come to an end. Lockdowns are no longer a valid option. NYC will need a new COVID safety paradigm. Stacey Prussman, Libertarian candidate for Mayor of New York City, has an answer for that.

As Ms. Prussman put it, “I am more interested in increasing safety precautions and sensible mask use with science based policies rather than an arbitrary, draconian policy that punishes people unnecessarily.”

The Prussman Plan for Coronavirus Safety would try to stop the spread by incentivizing businesses to go above and beyond in COVID-mitigation instead of the harshness of a lockdown. The Plan creates a five-tier coronavirus safety rating, of one to five that health department officials rate businesses with. Businesses at a three or above would continue to operate with social distancing, mask use, and proper sanitary procedures. But if a business goes above and beyond to ensure that all possible COVID risks are mitigated, they would be awarded a four or five rating. These ratings would be posted on the front of the business, providing a financial incentive to make themselves as COVID-safe as they possibly can be for their employees and their customers.

Businesses who fall from the third tier rating would be placed in the two tier rating, with a time to return to three tier standards before they temporarily close doors. The resistance against masks, social distancing, and the reality of coronavirus itself stems from a population who has rebelled against the destruction of their lives by the overbearing, inadequate, and haphazard government response.

The Prussman Plan would flip the safety paradigm from punitive to reward-based, creating a less adversarial relationship between health authorities and the population. This plan would apply to all businesses. No longer would we have the double standard of large businesses flagrantly breaking the social distancing rules while small businesses are ruined by a destructive lockdown. The Prussman Plan focuses on ending the virus while keeping businesses afloat during these difficult times. The goal is to keep everyone safe, healthy, and employed while holding businesses accountable for their safety measures.

Check out the plan over here for more information. Stacey is open for interviews to discuss her race and her plan.

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