Companies Examine Capitol Riot for Security Lessons

Similarly, Zoom has been pilloried for describing its service until recently as “end-to-end encrypted,” — a technical term with a specific meaning. The company later admitted that the way it had been using the term was inaccurate, and said that it “never intended to deceive any of our customers.” But like many other tech platforms that were built on ease of use, Zoom is finding that life in the public eye.

Sixty-nine p.c of executives noticed a dramatic increase in physical threat activity towards their firms final 12 months, in response to a survey launched in December by the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence, a analysis arm of Austin, Texas-based software program firm Ontic Technologies Inc. “Nobody, you know, expected this,” Yuan said. “Our business was beautiful, serving the enterprise and business .

The damage may already be done. New York City public schools are now beginning to “transition away” from Zoom, in favor of a competing product, Microsoft Teams and similar products from Google. Other districts in different parts of the country including Clark County, Nevada, have reportedly taken comparable measures.

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