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REIC Consumer Cooperative Group Flagship Investment Product

R.E.I.C a flagship product of Consumer Cooperative Group, has announced an opportunity for disadvantaged investors to acquire equity in its Pre-IPO

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— Tanen Andrews, Founder & CEO

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, July 22, 2021 / — Real estate investment cooperative, Consumer Cooperative Group, has announced an opportunity for disadvantaged individuals and businesses to acquire equity in its cooperative before its official filing, SEC qualification of its 1-A and direct listing on the New York Exchange American (NYSE) American.

Further disclosures and details about the process and how to get involved is available here

Consumer Cooperative Group is offering an opportunity for investors who are interested in purchasing equity in its cooperative before its pending Initial Public Offering (IPO) is finalized. The cooperative’s core service provides income-generating products based on debt-free and turn-key real estate investments.

Real estate investments have held historical relevance as dependable options for a long-term investment with a high potential for capital appreciation. Despite instances of market fluctuations, real estate investment continues to generate appeal and with it, the proliferation of innovative participation routes for investors.

Consumer Cooperative Group’s core service offers a pooled investment membership program delivered through its flagship product – Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC). With REIC, the company promises to disrupt the current real estate investment market by providing better value for money than offers currently obtainable from REITs and other real estate funds. Early investments will have an option for lifetime passive income and membership status dictates the length of the passive income, something the major competitors are not currently offering.

The model for REIC involves the purchase of valuable turn-key multi-family properties with pooled funds contributed by cooperative members/investors. In exchange, members/investors benefit from an indirect real estate property ownership system on a proportion that is based on their investment. Members/investors also receive commensurate returns and other benefits gained from rental income and property value appreciation through the company’s no long-term debt policy which mitigates the financial risk and volatility of its stock.

More information on Consumer Cooperative Group’s pre-IPO opportunity is available here:

Consumer Cooperative Group prides itself in the provision of accessible and affordable investment opportunities under an innovative crowdfunding structure that provides flexibility for investors of different capital classifications.

Consumer Cooperative Group offers dedicated products tailored towards disadvantaged investors with low capital budget, middle-class investors, and large institutional investors such as hedge funds, family offices, and others. The cooperative differentiates itself from similar models such as REITs by sourcing capital from disadvantaged low-income investors and focusing on the company’s 2 in 1 diverse portfolio structure: which is ownership of equity stock in the company that owns the real estate that is not leveraged in debt and the ownership rights in the passive income from the turn-key real estate cash-flow that is proportionate to the investor’s equity stock holdings.

If you want to invest in real estate and get passive income, without the hassle of searching for the properties, qualifying for a loan, engaging in the fix & flip game, or managing rent collection, this is an opportunity for you. You can build up your passive income through indirectly owned real estate assets via equity stock without the need for pre-qualification or unnecessary and needless credit checks.

Interested parties can find further details on Consumer Cooperative Group and invest in their pre-IPO opportunity here.

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