Courts Receive Wrong Facts Causing Major Errors In Divorce Case, San Mateo CA Superior Courts, Per Pubic Records

Court Orders Made For Two Related Cases With Out-of-Date Property Deeds From Husband Leave Wife Facing An Incorrect Trial

FOSTER CITY, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — ***Two fully related cases in San Mateo, California Superior Courts are using wrong facts and out-of-date property deeds, provided by a husband’s attorney to the court, claiming they are current and correct. See FAM0126331. The husband of this 20-year marriage and his attorney also do not file a full list of marital assets, disclosures, values or income, as required. Facts in the declarations they make do not match the evidence they file. Instead, the husband and his attorney focus on the couple’s two real estate properties owned throughout the marriage, claiming he should receive all property value, because the wife is trying to “steal” his share. It’s not clear how this would be possible. Properties owned as Joint, as the husband’s attorney claims in filings and in court, require each person to receive a 50% share, by law, unless there’s evidence to show a separate share. The wife filed evidence asking for reimbursement of her large and separate down payment, per a Purchase Agreement and Title Report for their home in Foster City, California. But, the husband’s attorney accuses the wife of using all false documents throughout the case, so that none of her evidence is accepted. Otherwise, properties are owned as Tenants-In-Common, which they were according to the public deeds filed by the husband for both properties. Then, the separate shares and their values have to be determined with evidence, and confirmed by the court. This wasn’t done.

Instead, the husband denied his deed changes, and Trusts that held their separate shares. Therefore, the courts used incorrect facts for all rulings made at, and since an October 2016 trial for the same. This makes the court orders void of legal authority. Still, all court orders were carried out, primarily by the husband’s attorney, and during the Mandatory Stays of three, First District Court of Appeals cases in California. In addition, all judges of San Mateo Superior Court are recused on the same matters due to bias and conflicts of interest, primarily from the incorrect facts supplied and still in use today. Based on the incorrect information, the husband, a successful career CFO, received almost all real estate and value, investments, income and assets from the marriage, then retired four years early living in a paid-off home. The wife left the marriage without real estate or much else, and without Spousal Support income to quality for a rental property as of 2021, while she faces a major trial for the property she lost.

The trial charges came from the husband’s attorney claiming the wife tried to use her recovered name to “attempt” to steal his share of property. The wife used this name starting several years before the divorce, per evidence. The marriage was determined as putative or legally correct, and the couple stipulated they paid for the properties with community funds throughout the marriage. Therefore, her name would not be relevant. However, these accusations caused the courts to leave the wife without a legal name, unable to take a job, earn income, get a Federal ID or open a bank account. As of this press release, the cases continue in 2021 using the incorrect facts and out-of-date records, without corrections.

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