CRS Making Waves In The Shooting Range Industry

USA, February 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cumberland Rubber Supply (CRS) has been making waves by disrupting the shooting range industry. CRS has pushed the limits in next-level compounds and designs. Not only are CRS ballistic materials conceivably the longest-lasting material in the anti ricochet industry, but they’re also pushing the boundaries of new functionality.

CRS builds high-end parts that, in the long run, end up saving their customers more money than going “cheap” upfront. Performance that saves money is hard to argue with. Shooting ranges are switching from “cold-pressed” ballistic products to CRS High-Density blocks and panels.

The founders are so confident their products are lightyears better than the competition. They openly challenge anyone to a side by side test. What’s more, CRS can build custom parts with hybrid elements in the designs. For example, the Titan line is an industry-changing group of products.

The company’s executive vice president William Alpsteg stated, “The shooting range industry isn’t innovating. Range block companies are selling grind and glue products and saying they have magic pixie dust. The days of getting away with that are over! We are using natural rubber compounds designed with enhanced features specifically for shooting ranges. We are here to prove that not all rubber is made equal.” CRS is improving a market that has not innovated in decades.

The company has doubled revenue each year because customers who get their hands on CRS high-density ballistic products are converting. Range managers were seeking less replacement and downtime, and improved longer-lasting performance is making it possible. Finally, industry innovation is bringing out copious improvements in designs that have not changed in decades.

About Cumberland Rubber Supply:

We build high-performance rubber parts and accompanying products.

With our commitment to innovation and design, we are driven to push design and science limits across multiple industries. Adhering to the highest standards of quality and core values, we help to continue to build and improve.

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