Czar Clothing Introduces Limited Edition Shoes Handcrafted in Italy

Czar Clothing

Czar Clothing

Czar Clothing - Custom handmade shoes

Czar Clothing – Custom handmade shoes



The shoe line is an extension of Czar Clothing’s high-quality athleisurewear

DALLAS, USA, July 6, 2021 / — Czar Clothing, recognized for its popular royal clothing designed to personify western culture, is partnering with an Italian fashion manufacturer to create custom handmade shoes.

Czar Clothing’s first design, “Czar Rebirth,” is a unisex, high-top athletic/streetwear shoe that will be manufactured by AliveShoes based in Le Marche, Italy, which is known as “The Shoe Valley” district. More than 2,000 companies have their main offices located there and 15,000 new footwear products are developed and launched each season from this unique region boasting 100 years of elite Italian shoemaking tradition.

The Shoe District is responsible for the success of giant brands such as Prada, Gucci, Tod’s, Fendi and Chanel and hundreds of other independent footwear brands.

Luca Botticelli, co-founder and CEO of AliveShoes, is part of the Botticelli family, one of the famous shoe families that kickstarted the shoe valley movement in Italy after World War II.
With a marketing and management background, 20 years of footwear industry experience, and a great deal of digital and online marketing know-how, Botticelli holds the key to a giant footwear network and has the knowledge to advance new brands in the ever-competitive footwear and fashion industries.

Nicholas Zellem, chief visionary and founder of Czar Clothing, said the “Czar Rebirth” shoe is a limited edition and all purchasers will receive an official limited-edition certificate with a unique limited-edition design code.

“The bold design of Czar Rebirth was created to motivate and encourage modern Czars and Czarinas to build their own empire in their own domain,” Zellem said. It embraces the history of casual sneakers of the last 30 years and has a visible logo in the padded and quilted backside. The shoe is made of genuine Italian leather and has natural cotton laces and metal reinforced eyelets.

The shoes are handmade by master Italian craftsmen from pristine Italian leather and carry a money-back guarantee. The shoes will go into production after a minimum number of orders are received.

Czar Clothing offers free express shipping on the shoes to Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. The shoes can be purchased at

For the Czar Clothing line, Zellem said, the company partners with experienced manufacturers to create uniquely designed, high-quality athleisurewear.

He said the Czar Clothing line is intended for cultured, educated, confident, non-conformists and empathetic and admirable leaders to build their own empire. “Czar and czarina culture promotes the finer things in life, including language, culture, arts and a healthy lifestyle. Whether you reside in the United States, Russia, another European country or any country outside of Europe, you are a czarina or czar in your own domain,” Zellem said.

Czar Clothing for men and women, or as Zellem refers to them, czars and czarinas, include swimsuits, shirts, hoodies, hats, pants and shorts.

“Our athleisurewear encourages and motivates people to build their own empire regardless of race, creed, origin, age, religion, social status or gender,” Zellem said.

Zellem said a percentage of the company’s profits will be given to causes supporting children and domestic animals.

To learn more about Czar Clothing or to make a purchase, visit Czar Clothing can be followed on Instagram at @czarclothingcompany and on Twitter at @CzarinaClothing and @czarclothing.

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