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Collaboration brings the world’s first online Spanish-language risk governance program to a global audience

Nearly 600 million people speak Spanish, while nearly all risk governance education is in English. We are a global organization, seeking to advance how to best govern risk-taking everywhere.”

— David R. Koenig, President and CEO of The DCRO Institute

COLUMBUS, OH, USA, September 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The DCRO Institute, a global non-profit dedicated to bringing risk expertise to the boardroom and c-suite, today announced a partnership with iDirectores, a Latin American director’s community, to deliver the world’s first online Spanish language course in effective risk governance for both current and aspiring board members.

The DCRO Institute is the home of the prestigious Certificate in Risk Governance and the Qualified Risk Director® designation, global standards of excellence in risk governance for current and aspiring board members. Graduates from these programs are leaders in boardrooms and c-suites on five continents. This new program aims to serve individuals and organizations where Spanish is the primary language of communication between the board and c-suite and with external capital providers and stakeholders.

“To have better-equipped boards to manage today’s and tomorrow’s volatile business environments, we need directors more aware of their responsibilities, roles, and scope of work on risk-related topics. Therefore, in iDirectores, we are working in alliance with the DCRO Institute and more than 100 Latin American directors to build practical knowledge and actionable solutions for risk governance, ” said Andres Bernal, founder of iDirectores.

“Nearly 600 million people in the world use Spanish as their primary language, while nearly all risk governance education is in English. We are a global organization, seeking to advance how organizations govern their risk-taking everywhere,” said David R. Koenig, President, and CEO of the DCRO Institute. “Language does not change the need for risk-taking by organizations to thrive and does not change how risk-taking is best governed. It is highly consistent with our mission to partner with iDirectores to bring this important product to market,” he continued.

The new program, Riesgos desde la perspectiva del board: cómo y hasta dónde?, will feature practicing board members from Latin American countries, providing lectures and case study interviews on the practical application of risk governance best practices. All courses will be available online through the DCRO Institute learning platform for self-paced study later this year. In addition, iDirectores and others will be developing guided study cohorts to allow directors to learn together as they progress through the program.

“Enterprise risk governance allows companies to develop their business strategy in the necessary conditions to produce the most appropriate response to the various stakeholders, ensuring the production of business value in the long term, as well as resilience, investor confidence, and the contribution of the entity to society,” said Jorge Hernan Ossa, board member, and former c-level executive. “Through risk management governance, the boards of directors assume the leading role to permeate the corporate architecture and culture, ensuring that companies can be risk-takers, managing them positively and appropriately, thus achieving the corporate purpose,” he continued. Sr. Ossa will be a lead faculty member in the new program.

The fundamental Duty of Care for directors around risk is to ensure that our organizations take risks well in pursuit of our goals and ambitions. This course furthers the fulfillment of that duty.

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About the DCRO Institute – The DCRO Institute works globally to bring risk expertise to the boardroom and c-suite. Our goal, which is emblazoned on our logo, is to help organizations Innovate, Sustain, and Create Value. Visit www.dcroi.org to learn more.

About iDirectores – iDirectores is an exclusive directors community for building knowledge and facilitating training for Latin American Boards. iDirectores is a “Spanglish” brand name that reflects the importance of individuals adopting exponential technological and social transformations in a context of a more integrated region. Visit https://idirectores.com/ to learn more.

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