Dealer Profit Services Reports Record Results For Dealer’s F&I Net Profits For 2020

Dealer Profit Services

With 5.85% Net F&I Profit Delivered to Dealers, Dealer Profit Provides Big Net Profit Dollars To Dealers With F&I Execution/Product Sales – Capped F&I Cost

It is easy to ignore words about F&I profit – 5.85% Net F&I Profit on $5M is $292,500 – that is NOT easy to ignore.”

— Myril Shaw, Dealer Profit Services

ATHENS, GA, USA, December 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Somehow, it is far too easy for dealers to look at F&I Profit as an after-thought,” says Myril Shaw, Chief Operating Officer at Dealer Profit Services. “The reality is that when there is a focus on F&I results, meaning that dealers take a hard look at F&I costs, and containing those, and then driving and maximizing F&I profit, it is entirely realistic to expect F&I to deliver 50% or more of a store’s net profit. F&I can be the Number 1 Profit Center in a store.”

Dealer Profit Services is announcing their 2020 F&I results for all their stores across the country. With F&I Net Profit of 5.85%, Dealer Profit Services, with its capped costs and outstanding sales delivery is driving up profit for its dealers – in a record way.

Offering comprehensive training to dealer’s sales teams in the best ways to introduce and support the F&I efforts, the best way to execute 100% Turn-Over, the best ways to be fully compliant and the best ways to drive profits, Dealer Profit Services is fully focused on being the top profit center for every dealer they work with. With in-person, web-based and video training along with an experienced team and complete consultancy services, Dealer Profit Services drives not only F&I profit, but full in-store performance.

Shaw says, “At Dealer Profit Services, with our 100’s of years of experience, we truly appreciate that it is easy for there to be a disconnect, a trust issue, between sales and F&I. Practicing the Hypocratic Oath of F&I – first do no harm – we immediately alleviate that concern. Practicing the ‘You never get more than what you ask for the first time’ – coupled with our ‘aggressive and graceful in retreat’ practice, we drive profit. It is this unique combination that allows us to deliver 5.85% Net Profit on F&I.”

About Dealer Profit Services
The dealer’s partner in all things F&I, Dealer Profit Services continuously strives to maintain and improve on its “best in the industry” reputation. Founded by a team with over 160 years of dealership experience. Dealer Profit Services knows what it takes to make you successful. Links and additional contact information are available at fisvcs.com/DPSContactsLinks.

Whether you want someone to take over your F&I and just drive profit to your store, help you some of the time, provide tools that you need to improve your F&I performance, create and train in all things Compliance, need some quick advice or just provide F&I Training/Consulting, we are here to help you. Contact us anytime at info@dealerprofit.com or give us a call at 470-326-0966.

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