DecisionWise announces the release of the DecisionWise 360-degree Feedback Platform

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360-degree feedback establishes, measures, and monitors leadership competencies and behaviors.

SPRINGVILLE, UTAH, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — SPRINGVILLE, UTAH, USA—Employee Experience consulting and analytics firm, DecisionWise, announces the official launch of the DecisionWise 360 Platform, an organization-focused 360-degree Feedback software solution. The DecisionWise 360 Platform is specifically designed for talent development professionals, OD professionals, managers, and HR professionals in organizations of all types and sizes.

Leader experiences, and the development of leaders, are foundational in creating world-class employee experiences. 360-degree feedback establishes, measures, and monitors leadership competencies and behaviors.

The DecisionWise 360 Platform enables organizations around the world to not only administer 360-degree assessments, but to also design and manage leadership development programs supported by best-in-class data analytics features. Professionals will have access to a suite of DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence® certified assessments, which were developed over two decades by the company’s team of consultants and industrial psychologists. Additionally, organizations can build and administer custom assessments, including accessing 80+ defined competencies from the DecisionWise library. With focus on leadership competencies, organizations can identify and communicate what leadership skills, abilities, and behaviors are important for success within a particular organization or role and assess against these.

DecisionWise multi-rater feedback roots extend back over four decades, when company founders administered their first assessments in 1987. DecisionWise was a pioneer in online 360-degree feedback, paving the way for online feedback in 1996. DecisionWise’s 25+ years of experience administering and coaching on 360-degree assessments is evident in the simplistic design and workflow of this incredibly powerful software platform.

Since 1996, the technology, uses, purposes, and science behind 360-degree feedback have changed significantly. “This is not the 360 that companies were undertaking a decade ago, or even five years ago,” stated Dr. Tracy Maylett, CEO of DecisionWise. “Organizations that do not embrace 360-degree feedback as part of building a rich employee experience will be left behind. We have spent the last two years honing and revising our leadership competency library to reflect today’s leadership practices and have invested millions of dollars in building the strongest multi-rater technology in the world. Despite the robust technology and science behind it, it is simple. Simple to set up, simple to administer, and simple to create reports and coach. Whether you need to assess 10 leaders or 10,000 leaders, the DecisionWise 360 platform makes it simple.”

Multi-rater feedback has clearly been established as one of the most effective tools for providing leaders with critical insights into their perceived leadership behaviors and performance, as well as the ability to create a positive and rich employee experience. DecisionWise research shows that leaders who are engaged are 203% more likely to have engaged teams. Leaders who develop foundational competencies of Getting Results, Leading Change, and Building Engagement successfully create game-changing employee experiences.

The DecisionWise 360 Platform provides organizations the option to purchase assessments in blocks of 10 participants, or to purchase access to an unlimited number of assessments to create robust leadership development programs. Leadership consultants throughout the world will also welcome the simplified tools allowing them to focus on coaching rather than administration. DecisionWise currently conducts 360-degree surveys in over 40 languages. The platform interface supports most language translations, and the assessments can be administered in any language.

Visit https://decisionwise.com/360 for more.

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DecisionWise is a leading employee experience, analytics, and consulting firm specializing in employee feedback. DecisionWise solutions include employee surveys, 360-degree feedback technology and assessments, continuous listening programs, employee life cycle (ELC) surveys, advisory services, and organization development. DecisionWise was founded in 1996 and is privately held. With area offices in the United States and Brazil, and associate offices in six other locations throughout the world, DecisionWise administers surveys in over 70 countries and 40 different languages.

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