DeFiFarms is Using the Power of NFT’s To Revolutionize the Decentralized Finance World

DeFiFarms is the world’s first decentralized finance ecosystem that uses NFT protocol farming on Binance Smart Chain.

UK, June 1, 2021 / — DeFiFarms has created an innovative new solution for the world of decentralized finance. The platform will be focused around NFT’s and will harness the power of these assets to create value for its users. DeFiFarms will use its native token DEFIY as the platform’s governance token. The platform powers trading through Automated Market Maker (AMM) system, a system invented to make financial markets more efficient, that has now expanded into the world of cryptocurrency.

DeFiFarms’s AMM system will provide value through liquidity pools pre-funded on-chain for both assets of the trading pair. The liquidity will come through the larger community as users provide liquidity through their deposits and earn passive income through trading fees on the liquidity they provide. Users will then be able to stake their assets into different pools to earn DEFIY.

DeFiFarms offers a variety of unique features through its use of NFTs to create more dynamic stakes on its platform. DeFiFarms stakes are tied to transferable NFT’s rather than a user’s unique wallet address. This system allows users who provide liquidity for the platform to not only earn rewards but also earn value in the form of an NFT. This process is called NFT farming and adds a new dimension of possibilities for users on its platform. Users also have the option to unstake, in which case the NFT will be burned and the funds, in addition to any unredeemed rewards, will go back to the user’s wallet.

The DeFiFarms platform also includes unique security features to prevent issues like Pump and Dump schemes by Whales or arbitrage bots that constantly harvest or dump. They do this by limiting transfers based on the percentage of the total supply, as well as including a Harvest Lockup feature to ensure that harvests are made by legitimate users.

DeFiFarms provides users with a variety of opportunities to earn value, including through a 5% deposit fee charged when users enter farming, as well as the referral program, and the DEFIY lottery. These features will also help to grow the DeFiFarms ecosystem, allowing users to draw immediate benefits from these rewards, as well as long-term benefits from the overall growth of the platform.

An experienced team of data scientists and blockchain and database engineers built DEFIFARMS. They are passionate about improving and scaling blockchain technologies. Cesar Deandres, CEO, and Co-founder is a physicist by training and started his career. Zackhary Brown, CMO, and Co-founder built one of the first decentralized exchanges (DEX) in Australia.

More information on DeFiFarms and its offerings can be found on the DeFiFarms website.


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