Difference Between Summer, Winter, And All Season Tyres

Tyres have been categorised into summer, winter, and all-season tyres. They have certain features that make them suitable for a particular season. Drivers and vehicle owners often find themselves

confused between these tyres. The variation of km season and temperature puzzles them. 

The best way of selecting a suitable tyre set is by having detailed information about the summer, winter, and all-season Tyres. This helps in gathering the features and specifications of these tyres. You can then analyse the temperature in your area and select the tyre best suited. 

What are Summer tyres? 

As the name clearly states, these are the tyres that are used in the summer seasons. But what makes them different from the All Season ones as they also deliver quite a good performance in summers. The Summer Tyres London have a hard tread compound to resist the heat. When you drive on roads, friction is formed between the tyre and road. This Releases a lot of heat. A tyre with a soft tread compound fails to resist the heat and eventually blows out due to cracks. But summer tyres have hard tread, and this adds to their life. 

These tyres are used when the temperature rises above 7 degrees. The roads become dry and warm. This means that the tyres need more traction and grip to withstand the extreme dryness. 

What are winter tyres? 

When the temperature falls below 7 degrees, a need for winter tyres arises. They are made for wet and snowy roads. Winter tyres have a special tread pattern to tackle snow, ice, and water. Their tread compound consists of deep sipes and grooves to bite through the thick layers of snow. 

Snow layers aren’t easy to tackle. They cause a lot of inconvenience to the drivers. This is why winter tyres are used in extreme conditions. They are specifically made for extreme winters when the snow piles up on the roads. It would help if you made sure that these tyres are made only for the areas where the temperature falls below 7 degrees. For mild temperatures, you can still use All season tyres. 

What are All-Season tyres? These are the tyres that let you compromise between the summer and winter tyres. They offer a comfortable performance in both summers and winters. All-Season tyres were developed to save the drivers from buying and maintaining two tyre sets for two different seasons. 

The All-season tyres perform well in snow, dry, and warm road conditions. You can expect efficient drives on snow and ice. The also provide enough traction on dry roads. All season tyres are only made for minor seasonal changes. You can’t use them under harsh conditions. 

How to take good care of tyres? 

You are advised to keep the tyres London properly inflated for a good experience. The manufacturer manual explains how much tyre pressure is recommended for a particular tyre set. 

All the services like wheel alignment, tyre rotation, and wheel balancing should be regularly done. 

It would help if you avoided rough driving. This has a negative impact on your tyre health. 

The tread depth of tyres should be regularly checked. The tyres should be replaced if the tread depth becomes lower than 1.6mm.

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