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GATINEAU, QUEBEC, CANADA, December 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Michel Bernard, a marketing solutions expert from Gatineau/Outaouais, Quebec, was recently featured in an article on ForTech.org. In the article, he clearly explained what Google indexing is and listed a few key reasons as to why businesses should be taking advantage of it.

Bernard is a digital marketing expert himself, with years of experience in the marketing and advertising niche. He started out as a copywriter, working at various marketing firms in Toronto, but quickly grew his skill set and client base. He eventually decided to leave his job and found his own marketing firm, servicing businesses and individuals in the Gatineau region of Quebec.

In the article, Michel Bernard explained that Google indexing refers to Google’s process of organizing and storing data about websites across the Internet.

He went on to say that Google Indexing directly relates to SEO, or search engine optimization, as Google, via web crawlers, sifts through millions of web pages, following links on them to other pages, and eventually developing a massive network of interconnected content.

“As they move from link to link, they gather data about each page… Before indexing a website and storing its information in the Google search index, the crawlers look at several aspects to ensure the site is worthy of sharing with searchers,” said Michel Bernard.

He also said that when a user searches for something on Google, Google pulls the content that seems the most relevant and trustworthy and only once a website has been Indexed by Google will it be a candidate to appear in the results. Thus, if they are not indexed by Google they will have no chance of being shown in relevant search queries.

The article concludes with Michel Bernard’s list of Google Indexing benefits. For example, he claimed that having your company’s website indexed by Google can result in lead generation, increased website traffic, and more customers and clients, which means more sales.

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About Michel Bernard

Michel Bernard is a digital marketing expert from Gatineau/Outaouais, Quebec. He began his career in marketing as a copywriter, working for several different advertising firms in Toronto, Canada. At these firms, he learned from some of the top professionals in the industry. Eventually, Bernard decided to found his own marketing firm in Gatineau. The firm aims to provide quality, creative marketing solutions to both business owners and individuals in the Gatineau region.

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