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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Have you started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions yet? If one of your goals is to increase the leads for your small practice, then you should take into account the changing landscape of law firm digital marketing.

The classic marketing example is of a funnel, from the widest possible audience you can reach down to the few, loyal repeat customers who understand you have a valuable product to offer and will recommend you to others.

Below you will find 6 tips you can take to increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing, from understanding the cycle of engagement with your customers, to respecting applicable privacy laws.

#1 – Marketing as a Cycle

The funnel is a good visual representation of how your audience narrows at each level of engagement, but it is not the best way to visualize your contact with your pool of customers. Consumers do not follow a linear path, and it is important to understand how people interact with your brand in terms of awareness, searches, and conversions.

The focus of most digital marketing campaigns is to increase brand awareness and name recognition so that when your company comes up in a search, people are already familiar with what you do when they are looking for the services you offer. Paid advertising is often the first touchpoint when it comes to driving traffic to a website where prospective customers can sign up for a newsletter, and potentially convert into clients down the line.

#2 – Conversational Marketing

This is not precisely word-of-mouth marketing, rather, it is focused on the conversation between the business and the consumer. How are you engaging on data platforms? How are your ads targeted? The language you use in your copy and the emotional response you elicit from your target customer to get them to convert is almost as important as the product itself.

If you sell home security systems, what is the conversation between you and your customer? Are you reassuring them they will enjoy increased safety and securing with your system installed at their home, or are you planting the doubt of their current safety and recommending they remedy the situation? Each of these strategies will apply to a different segment of the population, so it is important to understand your target customer when you apply it to your law practice.

#3 – Marketing Analytics

Market analytics is one of the most straightforward aspects, yet can take some time to understand. If you are using these steps for mid-size and small law firm marketing, you need to understand the statistics of who your customer base is, who viewed your ads, who was searching for you, and who became a customer. What kinds of language do they best respond to?

Awareness precedes change, and if you are considering a rebranding project for your firm, knowing how to reach your audience is half the battle.

#4 – Martech

This is short for “marketing technology” and refers to the staggering variety of software choices available to you, from data management to customer management. Let’s be honest, Google is going to be the primary way your law firm’s digital marketing plan reaches your customers. As for engagement and conversion, you have to consider which strategies will be most effective. Advertising on Facebook won’t help you much if your target audience isn’t on the platform.

All of these platforms provide you analytics about who is searching for you, how many of your advertisements generated leads, where the person was when the contact was made, and even whether they were searching from a mobile device or a desktop computer.

#5 – Privacy Protection

It is your responsibility to safeguard any information you acquire about your customers during your law firm digital marketing. The breach of databases and release of private information is a modern problem, and the GDPR fines for failure to comply are going up in 2020.

Consider carefully the amount and type of information you need to store and take appropriate precautions with your identity management and information security systems.

#6 – Digital Marketing and the Marketing Landscape

Most firms either do not have a strategy for improving digital skills or do not have plans to implement one any time within the next twelve months.

However, having a “digital department,” however small, can cause your team to develop strategies outside the purview of the rest of the marketing activities you do and thereby create a diluted message because not everyone is on the same page.

Instead, the digital marketing team should be highly integrated not only with the rest of the marketing that you do.

Create Your Own Success

With the ubiquity of the internet, it is easier than ever for consumers to see the vast breadth of choices available to them. By understanding how and when your customers engage with the services you offer, and collecting and analyzing information about who is purchasing them, you can better offer targeted information and convert your target audience.

Oamii is a digital marketing firm with experience in these and other law firm digital marketing strategies to grow your presence and allow you to reach more people who are searching for the services you offer. We empower you with the tools to gain organic leads and visitors to bring in more business and make sure you have success.

Indeed, as a business owner, you’re always looking for new and innovative ways to increase traffic to your website which translates into sales. Before doing so, you must first understand that the majority of potential clients on the internet don’t look past the first page of search engines. You’re missing out on a lot of potential revenue if you’re not where people are looking. That’s where we come in. Oamii is the leader of search engine optimization in Florida.

Oamii understands the importance of SEO services and we dedicate ourselves to optimizing your web pages to deliver quality content to bring in new business. We have the tools and the team to make sure that your webpage and your business is not only top-of-mind but also top-of-search engine!

When you invest in advertising, you want to work with an agency that brings your law firm the best results. You want to get the most out of your advertising budget and get the best return on investment. We at Oamii provide quality products and services to our clients while keeping their best interests in mind. Our deliverables are always provided on schedule, budget, and scope.

We have efficient digital marketing systems in place with clearly set goals and expectations. We encourage continuous improvement which in turn improves your bottom line.

You have a choice with your marketing dollars and resources. If you want to increase your marketing reach with the help of an experienced, professional, digital marketing agency, look no farther than Oamii to crack the code on how to improve your marketing game. We welcome you to contact us at Oamii to help you market your law firm and build your book of business. Please fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today.

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