Direct-Public Listing Announced For DAT Electric Vans, Inc.

DAT Electric Vans Vehicles

DAT Electric Vans

Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc.'s Proteus Generator Platform

Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc.’s Proteus Generator Platform

Proteus Van At Derek Automotive Dealership 2nd View

Proteus Van At Derek Automotive Dealership 2nd View

Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc. Corporate Logo

Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc. Corporate Logo

Derek Automotive Technologies Will Pursue a Regulated-Crowdfunding and Direct-Public Listing for DAT Electric Vans in 2021.

The company that starts with a ‘T’ made electric vehicles cool… Derek Automotive Technologies is making them convenient for consumers to own.”

— Derek Bailey

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, December 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hot on the heels of the competition, Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc. announced today that it will pursue a Direct-Public Listing for DAT Electric Vans, Inc., one of its accelerator companies. DAT Logistics intends to disrupt competitors in the electric commercial and delivery space, such as vehicle maker Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS), who recently announced going public in a $1.4 billion SPAC deal. The hallmark of DAT Electric Vans will be that it offers the first ‘self-charging’ electric delivery van, with superior technology, range, and charging convenience compared to existing electric delivery van solutions. The company plans to launch a regulated-crowdfunding in early January 2021 (for its unsophisticated-investor supporters), followed-on by the direct public listing.

DAT Electric Vans will license Derek Automotive’s patented Proteus-Electric Drivetrain Technology to build delivery vans that can recharge themselves on-the-go, and achieve 3000 miles of driving range on a mere 10 gallons of fuel – an incredible 300 MPGe. This means a Proteus-electric van will have a better MPGe than a plug-in electric van in most cases. Given the exceptional driving range, low cost of operation, and convenient charging, Proteus-electric vans could pose an existential challenge to firms like ELMS, Rivian, Lightning eMotors, Workhorse, and other electric van makers whose vehicles offer driving ranges of only 120-250 miles and “must pull over and plug-in” for recharging.

Derek Bailey, CEO of Derek Automotive Technologies commented, “the entire auto market is at the cusp of a transformation, and DAT Electric Vans represents a bellwether in the electric last mile delivery space. Leveraging our unique Proteus Battery-Electric Vehicle Platform effectively places a fast-charger inside our delivery van.  The Proteus system creates only 0.98 lbs of carbon per kWh of electricity – about the same as a natural gas power plant, but the transmission line losses one would experience using plug-in recharging are eliminated. The flexibility of our platform, and proven effectiveness of the Proteus, puts our Company in a very advantageous position to scale and meet the rapidly evolving needs of numerous commercial vehicle users across class sizes.”

“Our competitor’s vehicles will be limited to shorter routes, have to schedule downtime for recharging, and, most of all, prepare rescue plans for discharged vehicles… Perhaps on back roads, or blocking traffic. A Proteus-electric vehicle is an easy choice for any delivery logistics manager: the onboard charging station runs on sips of gas with virtually no carbon footprint, and offers super-low fueling cost and scheduling convenience.” Bailey concluded, “It’s my opinion that our competitors have a very short window of opportunity to improve their battery technology enough to challenge the performance of a Proteus-electric delivery van that gets 3000-miles on 35 bucks of fuel.”

While the EV industry is currently expanding, experts are suggesting a tipping point is expected to arrive in 2022, just as DAT’s first delivery vans disrupt the market. Dr. Corey Alston (former investment banker, Goldman Sacks fellow, McKinsey & Co. consultant, and President of his own advisory firm, Heritage Advisors) took notice of DAT Logistics. He wrote the following market report:

“Electric vehicle makers in general have demonstrated explosive growth potential based almost solely on their presumed ability to obtain very minimal market share within one of the world’s most high growth and sexiest sectors… the electric vehicle (and carbon footprint reduction) industry. Globally, investors and equity markets have responded favorably to the industry, which is evident in the industry’s first mover (Tesla) now having a market capitalization of nearly $400 Billion, making it the highest valued car company in the world with a greater valuation than technology behemoths like Apple (who is also considering entering the electric car market).

While these electric vehicle companies are enjoying fundraising and/or market success, all of them share one fundamentally significant factor: Their electric cars are built using first generation (and eventually antiquated) recharging protocols that require a car owner to have to “pull over and plug in” their vehicle into an identified recharging station. This inconvenience is considered to be the #1 issue for both current and prospective electric vehicle owners. Now, enters DEREK AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGIES (DAT) and its DAT ELECTRIC VANS subsidiary. DAT has a few highly desirable vehicle designs, and, more importantly, has been granted two US patents for technology that will forever change the automotive industry and other industries that desire clean, carbon free electrification. DAT’s core ‘patented’ technology allows for electric cars to recharge while driving, and eliminates the need to ever have to “pull over and plug in.”

The new onboard PROTEUS generator technology acts much like a traditional supercharger (but inside the vehicle). This invention, when rolled out, will give car buyers and users an easy way to achieve ‘green status’ by driving a battery-electric vehicle, but doing so CONVENIENTLY and without fear of running out of battery life.

Because of the multiple potential uses of a near-zero carbon generator that can produce electricity, at the vehicle, with a very low carbon footprint, DAT should quickly become the premier technology innovator in several sectors … Automotive, Commercial Transportation, Marine, Aviation, Electricity / Energy Production, among others.

Based on the previous multi-billion-dollar fundraising success and positive stock market reactions to the other new entrants into the market that have far inferior charging technologies to DAT, we envision that the public market’s initial valuation of DAT Electric Vans could be well in excess of $3-$5 Billion.
” Dr. Alston closed his report by saying: “I think DAT’s planned direct-listing will be well-received by the market!”

A Van In The Works: DAT’s first products will be Class 1 and Class 3 vans, each with a five gallon gas tank. The vehicles will provide 2500 – 3000 miles of driving range, depending on cargo weight, weather, and driving conditions. DAT Logistics is partnering with a Chinese van maker to integrate the Proteus into an existing product line to speed time to market. The company plans to have a prototype ready and to begin taking pre-orders by the fall of 2021.

About the Proteus-Electric Platform

The Proteus Generator System is composed of two patented components: a compact size (20”x 20”), high-torque, super-low emission, prime-mover and a new step-up generator. The prime-mover runs at a fixed rpm, and its only function is to spin the generator. In a typical generator a controlled 100-watt input will produce 100 amps, 100 volts, and 10,000 watts. The company’s ‘warp-coil’ generator produces the same output with ONLY 1 WATT OF CONTROLLED INPUT. A 100:1 IMPROVEMENT. The system produces generous amounts of AC power which is converted to DC for battery recharging. The vehicle design uses two independent battery packs which the Proteus alternately recharges as they deplete to a fifty-percent charge level. Vehicles operate on battery power only, the Proteus’ only function is to provide electricity for recharging.

Along with a state-of-the art control system, the Proteus Generator System allows DAT to basically create a fast-charger small enough to fit inside a vehicle. (Various white papers on the technology are available from the company)


DAT Electric Vans, Inc., is a Derek Automotive accelerator company, that will design, build, and distribute, through Derek Automotive dealerships, a full suite of custom cargo vans. The company will also operate a new delivery service (DAT Logistics) featuring its high-performance delivery van platform.  The launch city for the delivery service is yet to be determined, but the company is currently considering locations in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Texas.

About Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc.

Derek Automotive Technologies is on a mission to accelerate the world’s path to zero emission vehicles by providing a practical and compelling solution to electrifying and recharging the global heavy equipment and transportation fleets. The company plans to produce ‘self-charging’ electric-drive vehicles using its patented Proteus generator technology. The Proteus efficiently converts fuel into electricity and then steps up the power 100:1 to create a new type of fast-charger that fits inside a vehicle or piece of equipment. The ability to keep battery packs charged without using plug-in chargers could lead to faster adoption of electric vehicles and thereby have a meaningful impact in reducing emissions that cause climate change.

Derek Automotive integrates global suppliers for key components, such as vehicle bodies, drive motors, brakes, axles and dash and control systems, and then integrates its Proteus system. This OEM platform speeds DAT Logistics’ time to market and allows the company to meet the specifications of various customers while providing standard parts for ease of maintenance and warranty requirements.

The company is operating as a business accelerator, registering new companies in key transportation sectors. Each entity licenses the company’s core technologies and spins off as an independently operated company. DAT is scheduled to open its first dealership location in St. Petersburg Florida in the second quarter of 2021, and will begin selling a new AVANI SUV line by the third quarter of 2021.

Derek Automotive Technologies, Inc. is a Nevada corporation founded in July 2018. In July 2015, company founders received patent #9,074,527 B for the Counterpoise engine and in 2018 a second patent – US 10,035,413 B2 – for a ‘Hybrid drive system for a motor vehicle.’

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