Disposable gloves become scarce due to Corona

The Corona pandemic has increased the demand for protective clothing, masks and disposable gloves worldwide.

VALLETTA, VALLETTA, MALTA, December 12, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — First protective masks were scarce, now nitrile disposable gloves for care and rescue workers are threatening to become insufficient during the corona crisis. Some retailers are already talking about a dramatic situation.

In March, the market for oronasal masks was almost empty. Now disposable gloves are missing, which are needed for test swabs, for example. Relief organizations view this with concern.

On February 11, the new lung disease is given the name Covid-19 by the WHO. The virus is now called Sars-Cov-2).

Speculations could drive up prices further.

During the first wave of infection, demand was still low. This fact has now changed radically due to the enormous demand of the world market. Before the crisis, a pack of 100 nitrile gloves cost between six and eight euros. In the meantime, prices are three to four euros higher than four weeks ago, and sometimes packages of up to 18 euros would have to be paid.

Is the delivery bottleneck more significant than for masks?
Theiler believes that the shortage of disposable gloves does not only affect the healthcare system or the end consumer in daily life. After all, disposable gloves are widely used in many areas for hygienic reasons and are consumed in large quantities every day: in food production, kitchens, laboratories or the pharmaceutical industry.

“China and the USA, in particular, are currently ordering gloves en masse in their countries of origin,” says Uwe Behrens, Managing Director of the Central Association of Medical Technology Retailers, Manufacturers, Service Providers and Consultants (ZMT).

The demand is significantly higher than production capacities. Moreover, breakdowns have led to further shortages. The raw material for the articles, such as latex made of natural rubber, was of course, also limited.

No production outside Asia
Disposable gloves are produced exclusively in Asia. Around 90 per cent of production comes from Malaysia, China and Thailand, the rest, according to ZMT, comes from Vietnam and Indonesia.

Care sector concerned about the impending bottleneck.

In the nursing sector, however, this equipment is essential for the protection of patients and staff against infection.
However, some companies are taking advantage of this opportunity to expand their capabilities and adapt to rapidly changing market situations. So, for example, Blokkx Ltd., a Maltese company, has produced a real success story within a short time. From the small EU country below Italy with just 500,000 inhabitants, Blokkx has made a name for itself in the procurement of protective articles.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Blokkx Ltd. has managed to gain a market share in an almost closed market. Meanwhile, the company produces products such as powder-free nitrile gloves under its own brand Yanimed in factories in Vietnam and China. The development has been fast, and it was urgent, says David Sullivan, Managing Director of Blokkx Ltd.

In the meantime, we are contributing a share of the supply of nitrile gloves in Europe and America. Our product Yaniblue – powder-free nitrile gloves is top-rated.
Experts see an increased demand for nitrile gloves in the coming mass vaccination. This will further increase the pressure on the market, and prices will consolidate at high levels in 2021.

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