Dow Futures Retreat as Trump Threatens to Use Troops to End Fresh Civil Unrest

US stock index futures were tracking lower this morning following President Donald Trump’s announcement yesterday that he’s considering deploying the military to the streets of Chicago as part of a coordinated effort to cut down on the city’s growing anti-government protest movement.

“I am considering a major National Guard deployment to Chicago to stop the escalating crime rate that is resulting from all of the bad policies of Mayor Rahm Emanuel,” the president tweeted yesterday. “If I have to, I will send the National Guard.”

His comments came just hours after Chicago announced that more than 900 people have been arrested in protests over five days against the police shooting of Alton Sterling, an African-American man shot dead by police in a suburban shopping mall. Demonstrators objecting to the criminal case in Sterling’s death have also been camped out in at least two Chicago parks for more than two weeks. The 50-year-old was unarmed and the police have said he was reaching for a gun.

Corker warns against Trump trip

A day after bellwethers like Caterpillar Inc. and Boeing Co. hit record highs, Sen. Bob Corker warned against President Donald Trump taking a trip to Saudi Arabia as part of his trip to Europe this month. “How are we going to have a fair discussion of all of our values in an area where we are under attack by hostile regimes, by extremists and foreign fighters?” Corker said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. “What I fear is we will just confuse everything, I know that President Trump would rather have it, having more confrontations than anything else, even though I know that it would be counterproductive.”

Putin step closer to possible election meddling

The Kremlin moved a step closer to Russian meddling in Germany’s upcoming general election after a court rejected an appeal from opposition party Alternative für Deutschland.

The Weibel case centers on the alleged purchase of thousands of vouchers promoting AfD election policies. Germany’s Constitutional Court ruled Thursday that the case could proceed, despite opposition from the parties concerned.

Legal experts say this is potentially a big blow to opposition parties in Germany ahead of the election, given the country’s strong anti-EU and pro-Russian sentiment. It also stokes fears of Russian manipulation of the German elections, including the possible use of Facebook to funnel fake ads and targeting based on language preferences and racial prejudice.

UK scrambles Trump’s summit security

Local police have been put on a war footing ahead of Donald Trump’s Friday meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. This is despite a furious 24 hours during which Britain narrowly avoided a second terror attack in a little over three weeks. Prime Minister Theresa May’s desperate bid to escape the Brexit turmoil by flying her team on Saturday descended into chaos, as her aides instead flew in to help NATO foreign ministers in Brussels.

As Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Mrs May’s chief of staff Gavin Barwell finally arrived, Italy’s Matteo Salvini tweeted to remind them what was on the agenda. “How could Italy become a NATO ally if the UK says it won’t pay its fair share?” the far-right deputy prime minister asked. Italy has been heavily critical of the Brexit negotiations, saying it wants a deal as soon as possible.

Blizzard closes airports and public transport in New York

Snow had moved up the US East Coast as soon as it had hit the mid-Atlantic region, sending giant waves crashing into New York’s iconic skyline and plunging driving conditions into chaos. On the day that the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island would have been packed with tourists, authorities closed major airports, mass transit and schools in New York. Public transportation in the city was on a rare holiday on Thursday, leaving many people who usually hit the subway deserted.

Thousands were left without power as at least 16 states across the country struggled with the first winter storm of the season and hundreds of thousands of people lost power. A Dutch rescue team was sent to a building that had collapsed in a thunderstorm that deluged Amsterdam with rainfall and lightning. The Ajax New York team, without play-making playmaker Davy Klaassen, admitted they were unlikely to compete in tomorrow’s game against Indianapolis in New York as the Dutch lads had to make the long journey by plane.

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