Dr. Cletus Georges, MD, Releases Upgraded Urology-Focused Blog Website

Urologist Dr. Cletus Georges, MD, recently launched a new and improved version of his already-popular urology-themed blog site. Find out more here.

ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Individuals who wish to learn more about how to maintain or enhance their reproductive or urinary health can now access a newly upgraded version of a popular blog site by urologist Dr. Cletus Georges, MD.

The updated blog site is available at www.drcletusgeorgesmd.com. Dr. Georges said he decided to update the website after it garnered higher-than-expected online search engine rankings and thus attracted increased traffic. The upgraded version of the site, Version 2.0, features the same popular educational content featured on Version 1.0 of the site. However, the newest version was designed to be even more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive for its readers, according to Dr. Georges.

On the new site, readers can learn about all things related to the body’s genitourinary tract, which includes several organs. These organs range from the adrenal glands to the kidneys, urethra, reproductive organs in men, and urinary bladder. Dr. Georges uses the site to teach readers how to respond to problems that may arise in these organs, such as a female urinary tract infection, kidney stones, stress urinary incontinence, and bladder cancer.

Readers can additionally discover the major risk factors for various genitourinary tract issues. For instance, according to Dr. Georges, women who have previously given birth to children vaginally are at risk for developing stress urinary incontinence, a condition where the bladder easily leaks urine. In addition, visitors to the website can discover common signs of a variety of genitourinary tract problems. As an example, people who have bladder cancer may feel pain while urinating, experience discomfort in the area, or find themselves having to urinate frequently.

All in all, Dr. Cletus Georges, MD, said he looks forward to continuing to equip visitors with the knowledge they need to competently and thus confidently tackle their urology-related issues in the months and years ahead.

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