Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta Talks About CEREC Omnicam and How It Benefits Patients

Dr. Frank Roach

Dr. Frank Roach

Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta

Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta

Dr. Frank Roach recently talked about CEREC Omnicam and how it benefits his patients.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s safe to say all patients want as little discomfort as possible when visiting the dentist. Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta is well aware of this and uses the most state-of-the-art dental scanning tools in the industry, CEREC Omnicam. Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta recently discussed how CEREC Omnicam is benefiting the patients who visit his practice.

CEREC Omnicam is a revolutionary device that can perform the most precise full jaw scans in 3D and natural color. The device is extremely lightweight and easy-fitting in the palm of the dentist or dental assistant’s hand. The scanning is a completely painless process, and it can be done at a rapid pace.

“We love interacting with our patients, but we know they typically want to spend as little time as possible at the dentist,” Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta. “This is one tool that helps save time and discomfort.”

Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta explained how CEREC Omnicam is powder-free and does not require a dental impression tray. It is also faster and more precise than previous scanning methods. Unrivaled handling makes the process easier for dentists and dental assistants, and ultimately, more comfortable for the patient.

“Another advantage of CEREC Omnicam is that we receive full-arch scans in color,” Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta said. “We’re able to scan the natural tooth and gums without any coating. This saves our team a step, shortens the learning curve, and makes the entire experience more enjoyable.”

Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta explained that using the CEREC Omnicam to make an impression is actually a video-taking process. The camera provides the most precise 3D images in full natural color. It also allows the dentist to differentiate between the gingiva and the preparation margin clearly. Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta added that this tool allows excellent shade detection to analyze every tooth and choose the ideal restoration shade.

“One of my favorite features of the CEREC Omnicam is that it was purposefully designed to be easy to use,” Dr. Frank Roach dentist Atlanta said. “My team has been able to pick it up easily and scan precisely without mistake. This allows me to delegate such processes to my team members to accomplish more in a day. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

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