Dr. Jonas Tellis announces Tellis Education Services: A second chance for adults to receive their H.S. Diploma

Jonas Tellis AAMU

Jonas Tellis AAMU

Jonas Tellis launches an 8-week High School Diploma program for adults in Birmingham, Alabama.

Your success is our success and together we will be successful.”

— Tellis Educational Services

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Jonas Tellis is proud to announce his Tellis Education Services, a fully accredited adult education program helping individuals further their education. The Adult Education Programs help people receive a High School Diploma, making it possible for adults in Birmingham to improve their careers.

Students in Tellis Education Services see the place as a progressive community of people who’re determined to chart a new cause in their lives. It’s an environment where everyone has come to learn, connect, improve their knowledge, and acquire new skills.

The 8-week program is taught by accredited and dedicated educators. Students attending Tellis Educational Services will cover five core subject areas, including reading, social studies, writing, science, and mathematics.

Causes offered in this Adult Education Program will help students develop their literacy and numerical skills in preparation for higher education. Students get counseling for state final exams and eligibility to receive a $200 Scholarship to help them pay for tuition.

For more information on how to begin your journey to higher education, please visit https://telliseducationalservices.com/.

About Jonas Tellis

Dr. Jonas Tellis of Birmingham is the coordinator of marketing and recruitment for Graduate Studies at Alabama A&M University. He is the CEO and founder of Tellis Education Services, a fully accredited 8 week High School Diploma program that provides a second chance for adults to obtain their High School Diploma.

Dr. Jonas Tellis graduated with his Associate in Science and Bachelor in Science degree in Education from Rust College in Holly Spring, Mississippi, and his Master’s in Family Consumer Sciences from Alabama A&M University in 2013. Dr. Tellis received his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Thee Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi.

Before starting his business, Dr. Tellis has spent years as the coordinator of marketing and recruitment for Graduate Studies at Alabama A&M University.

To learn more about Jonas Tellis, visit https://www.drjonastellis.com/.

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