DRH Media Drives Business Success with Innovative Marketing Model

The company is known for its zero-fuss, yet highly effective, marketing philosophy.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — DRH Media is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative, effective, and zero-fuss marketing philosophy.

Based in London, England, DRH Media is a team of world-class marketing professionals who provide clients with a refined attention to detail and customer-centered approach. The company takes pride in ensuring clients are satisfied every step of the way, while providing exceptional marketing strategies that are proven to work.

In the company’s most recent news, DRH Media is announcing the key to its success – a unique marketing business model that has seen over 54 happy clients who have generated $6.8 million dollars in revenue. The company’s impactful model helps e-commerce businesses to produce unprecedented ROI via paid advertising, while enabling them to stay true to their values.

“With DRH Media, we give businesses strategic marketing power that helps them stop wasting valuable time and money on defective and unprofitable ad campaigns,” says founder of DRH Media, Taha Drah. “We have refined our ability to help companies of all sizes make their ad budgets count, scale their businesses, and skyrocket their sales. We do this solely through paid advertising – simply put, just ads.”

As a fearless entrepreneur who overcame many challenges throughout his life, Drah is no stranger to hard work, dedication, and perseverance. When he first started working, Drah had little money to his name and always had to go above and beyond to make a name for himself. As a first-time employee, for example, Drah was putting in 50+ hour weeks in an attempt to impress his boss – who always seemed to take the aspiring business leader for granted.
“I was working like a slave for someone else, including weekends and late into the evenings, when I realized it was time to put all of my effort into my own business for a change,” Drah states. “I knew I had a huge amount of potential and it was time for me to shine. After all, I had grown up without much money, faced bullies at every turn, and overcame unsurmountable obstacles to get ahead. As such, I set out on my own with the confidence to help others while doing what I love. It was out of this passion and drive that DRH Media was born.”

In terms of Drah’s vision for DRH Media, what sets the company apart from the competition is its simple and clear paid advertising strategies that enable clients to see how much was made as a result of their paid ads, and what their net profit was. Through this strategy, businesses don’t have to worry about spending astronomical amounts of money on advertising that simply doesn’t work.

DRH Media’s paid ad strategies are ideal for businesses who:

● Want to scale their online ROI

● Need to take their business online – and fast

● Want to understand their increased revenue potential with funnels and conversion rate optimization

● Are looking to maximize their conversion rates and average order value

● Need a reliable agency that can make their company a priority

● And more!

“To date, we have helped grow multiple businesses into six-figure empires and I’m so proud to be the central figure behind this impressive achievement,” Drah says. “I am very much looking forward to meeting future clients who want to realize the same success – success that we can make happen with just a few simple clicks.”

To schedule a free 15-minute demo call, or to find out more, please visit www.drhmedia.com.

About the Company
Founded by Taha Drah, DRH Media helps businesses to realize their true potential through the use of paid ads. Drah hand-picked his team of experts, each having a specific world-class marketing talent, to ensure clients get the best and most impactful results, each and every time.

Taha Drah
DRH Media

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