Drone Company Delivering at-Home Coronavirus Test Kits

There is a new opportunity for technology companies to help stop the spread of Coronavirus, following an order from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In a statement on Monday, the CDC confirmed that an outbreak of respiratory illness in Saudi Arabia has infected more than 55 people and killed dozens since March. This is a major health concern given that C. difficile is also a virulent and bacterially-transmitted disease in the Middle East.

CDC news states that the new risk to humans may be caused by the consumption of raw meat or poultry in certain countries, especially as it is sometimes done by individuals who have no medical background or an elevated risk of consumption. Normally, consumers are asked to reduce the incidence of C. difficile infection by washing hands and surfaces before consuming raw meat or poultry.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also investigated the outbreak of cases in Saudi Arabia. This investigation revealed that the rate of infection could be even higher due to poor detection. The WHO has made sure that the strain of C. difficile in the kingdom and elsewhere is sampled in order to make proper and expeditious diagnosis and treatment.

The CDC and WHO have both confirmed that the most common way to transmit the disease is through face-to-face contact (through kissing or through handling meats) or fecal exposure. Consequently, they have adopted policies that seek to prevent the diseases at hospitals. According to the WHO, in order to avoid contact with camels as a possible vector of the infection, the centers have investigated vaccinating camels that live in the vicinity of hospitals.

According to the CDC, human-to-human transmission can be prevented by health care providers washing their hands thoroughly before and after handling patient specimens. If it is appropriate to disinfect equipment or surfaces, people should wear goggles or masks when transporting a patient. Also, patients infected with the disease should be isolated and attended to immediately by a medical professional. Furthermore, the above-mentioned precautions must be followed as early as possible.

If a person does not respond to these recommendations and considers contracting the disease, they should reach out to their local hospital and contact the CDC online at or by calling 1-800-CDC-INFO. However, if the infection has already been diagnosed and confirmed, a person should call local health facilities.

If a diagnosis has been confirmed, sufferers should be treated with standard antibiotics and fluids. If patients do not respond, they will need to undergo more sophisticated tests for C. difficile, but these tests are currently unavailable. Therefore, even though antibiotics are essential to control C. difficile, they cannot be used effectively if it is not cured.

Careful awareness and prevention are the only ways to stop a specific illness from spreading. Without knowing how people handle meat or poultry, it is impossible to know if they have contracted C. difficile or not. Currently, the live-virus infection used in the Middle East can spread relatively easily. Without proper knowledge and screening, these cases can spread further. In addition, there is a risk that its symptoms might be mistaken for other illnesses.

Therefore, a company like Maverix has adopted a disruptive approach towards curbing this menace to its public health. By delivering the Coronavirus test kits to consumers through its website, the company makes it possible for people to analyze their health before they decide whether they should consume meat or poultry or not.

In addition, the Maverix company is also looking to use its rapid tests to detect other illnesses such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Ebola. The tests aim to prevent people from being in contact with people who might have contracted these diseases. Therefore, the Maverix company is able to prevent cases of people or their animals contracting such diseases.

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