Dump SAT and ACT? University of California System Wants to Start Homegrown Test for Admissions

Preparing for the SAT or ACT? UC wants to hold auditions at high schools in developing countries.

You may never know what it takes to get into a college; however, as researchers try to break down barriers to education in the developing world, more college educated citizens from under-represented groups have access to post-secondary educational options.

UC tries to be more inclusive, by extending its door of opportunity to traditionally underserved communities.

Education professionals agree that U.S. educational equity has stagnated in recent years. But UCLA researchers said that student achievement did not decline, with increases in both test scores and test performance from low-income and minority students.

That’s a cause for concern, as Silicon Valley considers building an alternate alternative to standardized testing.

UC-Davis is studying algorithms to help college admission officers more carefully consider a variety of test scores, including using them to gauge such factors as whether a student struggled in school as a child.

By filtering through as many test scores as possible, schools would be less likely to trigger a form of automatic remediation and more likely to reward students with higher scores who demonstrated motivation and promise.

High-tech test-prep courses can earn as much as six times more than conventional, tutoring classes, according to Pivotal Labs, a high-tech innovation company based in Seattle, Wash. Test-prep courses are projected to account for an increasing share of U.S. public school students over the next decade, said Amy Charvat, president of the American Institutes for Research, which provided Pivotal Labs with their research.

UCSD’s lagging performance in graduating college-bound students

University of California San Diego, San Diego’s enrollment slump in recent years has left it trailing other UC campuses. UC San Diego was the top performing UC campus in overall three-year rank from 2016-2018. But the UC campus has long trailed the UC’s other two campuses in matriculation.

San Diego “is lagging other UC campuses in delivering on the promise to help students get through college,” said Daniel Kowalski, director of the Lumanus Center for Undergraduate Admissions. He says he is making improvements that will begin showing results this fall.

UC San Diego was the nation’s 37th-ranked public university in terms of the number of applications. Last year, San Diego was ranked 50th in the number of applicants in the computer science majors.

San Diego is one of only two UC campuses that enroll the majority of students who are Hispanic, one of the university’s biggest hiring needs.

Kowalski told the Board of Regents that in the past year, the faculty enrollment has increased by 4% and the admissions rate is up 6% compared to last year. He also said that undergraduate admission at UC San Diego for incoming freshman will be up 3% this fall.

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