Ecency Social Network Hiring DevOps and Front-End Development Staff for Platform Built and Powered by Blockchain

Growing social communities supported by Ecency celebrate cultural differences, free speech, diversity and independence

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA , July 14, 2021 / — Ecency, a cutting-edge social network built on blockchain, today announced it is expanding its app team with new hires in both DevOps and front-end development. Ecency is dedicated to growing communities of various interests and welcomes members who believe in diversity, independence, free speech and culture with various topics of interest and points of view.

Ecency is the most popular censorship-free social media platform that runs completely on blockchain. The social medial destination allows communities full control, owned by its members.

“We want to bring attention to growing communities around various topics and different cultures, said CEO and Founder of Ecency, Feruz Muradov. “We are growing so quickly and are expanding our team with new hires both in DevOps and front-end development.”

Muradov continued, “The biggest benefit of using Ecency is that communities can establish censorship-free platforms owned entirely by groups who have full control over their content and everything related to their social presence. No one can shut you down or remove your content. Ecency is the essence of 24/7 free speech, which is forever protected by blockchain. Users can earn various digital tokens, reward others and build a rewarding community by inviting new friends to the Hive and Ecency.”

Ecency believes blockchain technology will revolutionize not only money/finance, but also social media and free speech. The company offers website, desktop and mobile applications. The platform enables users to build their communities on a decentralized web, earning rewards for their content and rewarding others. Users can grow their communities and empower them with true free speech and complete control.

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