Ecree Announces New Skill for Amazon Alexa

The impact of an Ivy League writing tutor is now available to students who have an Alexa-enabled device.

DURHAM, NC, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ecree unveiled its collaboration with Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices to provide students with voice-activated guidance and feedback on their writing. This new skill will combine the power of voice services with Ecree’s market-leading writing support technology.

“Writing can be stressful and with COVID, many students feel disconnected from their teachers,” Ecree’s CEO, Dr. Jamey Heit explained. “By asking Alexa, students can get Ecree’s AI-powered feedback in a way that feels like their teacher is sitting next to them as they write.”

Ecree’s technology provides human-quality guidance and feedback on the key elements of academic writing. Students can type in their own questions and Ecree will help them improve their papers based on common standards for good writing.

Ecree’s unique technology can help with more complex aspects of writing. Dr. Robin Donaldson, Ecree’s CTO said: “Good writing is more than avoiding grammatical mistakes. With Ecree, students get immediate help on the elements of good writing that matter. We help them organize their ideas and support their arguments with strong analysis.”

As part of the launch, Ecree is rewarding anyone who signs up for an annual subscription with a free Amazon Echo Dot.

“As new technologies emerge to support students, teachers, and parents, voice-enabled experiences will become the form,” Dr. Heit commented when discussing the introductory offer. “We all learn by asking questions, so offering an Ecree skill for Alexa was an easy decision to make as we pursue our mission of helping as many students as possible become better writers.”

About Ecree: Ecree is the world’s leading writing support technology. It’s technology provides unlimited, immediate, and consistent teacher-quality guidance and feedback on essay organization, argumentation, evidence, and analysis. With Ecree, students can get immediate help and proven results on their writing. Learn more at www.ecree.com. To speak with Ecree’s leadership time, email contact@ecree.com.

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