Electrochemical Sensor Market Size Valuable Growth Prospects,Share, Demand and Forecast 2022- 2031

The Electrochemical Sensor Market was valued at USD 6.19 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 11.83 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 11.4% over the forecast period. The emergence of nanotechnology-based sensors will drive the market in the forecast period.

– The market has been buoyed by the advent of MEMS technology, miniaturization of gas detection circuitry and the development of solid-state sensors that has increased the popularity of sensor modules to detect gases.
– Increasing focus on the safety of hazardous locations, due to the rise in the number of explosions occurred in the extreme environment of the manufacturing and chemical industries, because of the presence of toxic and combustible gases, has prompted an increased focus on explosion prevention through implicit monitoring across the hazardous zones of these end-user industries to achieve a safer working environment.
– Further, the government regulations such as COSHH and OSHA regulations among others, toward on offshore oil and gas exploration and production as well as storage activities imposes strict limits on the exposure to carbon monoxide and other toxic gases and fumes. This has been a significant driver for adoption of electrochemical technology based gas sensors.
– However, operational issues related to size, energy consumption, and sensitivity could be a major challenge for the market.

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Scope of the Report

Electrochemical sensors are unique due to their ability to monitor toxic and non-toxic gases with the ability to withstand high humidity and temperature. These are majorly used in industrial environments where the monitoring of hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, and other industrial gases is a critical safety requirement.

Key Market Trends

Application in Medical Sector to Contribute Significantly in the Market Growth

– The market in this segment has been augmented by the demand for modern methods for diagnosis and the advances in microfabrication methodology that have led to the development of sensitive, selective and effective electrochemical sensors for clinical analysis. Billions of dollars are spending on research & development to improve in medical technology.
– The proliferation of bio-sensors employing electrochemical sensing technology has been gaining traction owing to strong demand for point of care applications, such as self -monitoring blood glucose meter.

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