Exeter Orthodontics: Allentown Orthodontist Location is Accepting New Patients

Exeter Orthodontics offers braces in Allentown for only $3,995

Exeter Orthodontics in Allentown is one of six Exeter Ortho locations accepting new patients in 2021.

There are many differences between braces and Invisalign…Their comfort, their appearance, their treatment length, and their compliance all differ slightly.”

— Dr. John Pardini

ALLENTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Exeter Orthodontics offers affordable braces in Allentown. Now, the office is accepting new patients to join the thousands of other teens and adults who have achieved straighter smiles with their help.

Braces in Allentown cost only $3,995. This all-inclusive price covers x-rays, retainers, adjustments, repairs, and emergency visits. There are no hidden fees and payment plans are available.

Invisalign in Allentown is also available for only $3,995. Invisalign uses transparent aligners to gradually move teeth into place. They can be removed as needed, making them a comfortable and convenient option.

“There are many differences between braces and Invisalign,” explains Dr. John Pardini, orthodontist in Allentown. “Their comfort, their appearance, their treatment length, and their compliance all differ slightly. We offer a free consultation so we can help patients choose which option is best for them and their health,” he adds.

To request a free consultation, visit https://exeterorthodontics.com/request-appointment/. Other offices are located in Easton, Reading, Springfield, Harrisburg, and Exton.

About Exeter Orthodontics: For several years, Exeter Orthodontics, a Pennsylvania-based orthodontic practice, has offered area patients braces and Invisalign treatments for as low as $3,995. Its team of orthodontists remains dedicated to providing high-quality care at an affordable price. Learn more at http://www.exeterorthodontics.com/.

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Exeter Orthodontics: Affordable Braces & Invisalign in Allentown

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