Finding Love in the Ruins of War

How Long is Exile?: BOOK III The Long Road Home

How Long is Exile?: BOOK III The Long Road Home

Astrid Stahnke

Astrid Stahnke

How we find love in the most unfortunate times

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, December 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Some anecdotes give us a unique view of the past. And through stories like those, we are allowed to think and feel as if we were in the shoes of the people who had to go through them. The book How Long Is Exile? Book III the Long Road Home is a story of a Latvian widow Milda Arajs who was a displaced person following the Second World War.

The book also lets us into the story of a young exile named Mara, who flies to Latvia in search of her heritage but only achieves success in finding love instead. But that time, Soviet occupation has already led to the suffering of the Latvian people.

Astrid Stahnke wrote the book, and most of its content is borne by her personal experience as a refugee from the Second World War. Astrid was born on March 15, 1935, in Latvia. This is where she also witnessed firsthand how wars destroy families and communities. Astrid and her family were among the lucky people who escaped from mass deportation to Siberia and fled westward to Germany, where they lived until World War II and immigrated to America in 1949.

The book follows chronologically through the end of the Second World War, the arrival of liberating US troops, and the placement of refugees in temporary displaced persons’ camp in Western Germany. The characters in the story lived in Esslingen, which was a well-organized, well-ran temporary abode, where the main protagonist comes of age and immigrates to the US.

Readers may find the take on this book a little challenging to follow, but the message is clear— no matter how you look at war and what comes out of it, it’s an impression that is never forgotten.

Know more about Astrid and her works through her website www.authorastridastahnke.com.

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