First time in History, The Achievements of (Head of States) Presidents, Kings , Prominent figures deserve to be painted

Paintings will remain as a part of the Country’s History and Culture and stay as an evidence forever

TOLEDO, OHIO, U.S.A, December 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — National Investment Center a U.S. Company has Created a new Kind of art called High Art in priceless artistic Paintings that record the actions and achievements of The Head of State to demonstrate these achievements made for the country’s protection, it deserve to be painted to preserve the country’s history and culture forever.

Displaying these invaluable Paintings in museums will contribute to display the achievements of The Head of State and to consolidate of the country’s culture in current and future Generations

National Investment Center (NIC) has created this exceptional artwork that is highly preferred by museums and Head of States around the world to express country’s situations and important issues from the past and present.

Head of State’s achievements Oil Paintings in the country will remain as eternal evidence in the records of the nation’s history and will protect its culture and stay as a part of the country’s history and culture.

The Paintings show country’s Head of State is protecting the country and prove that Citizens and Residents of the country are now living in Security, Prosperity, and Well-being under their Care.

High Art also records the actions the head of state took to protect the country, and it will influence public opinion nationally and globally.

NATIONAL INVESTMENT CENTER is a U.S. business company registered in the Register of State Ohio. The company was established on 13th June 1996, the seat of the company is at TOLEDO, OHIO, with the Entity Number 945397.

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Example: High Art Painting
Titled: Mother of All, Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II by Artist Francois Maurice,
Titled: Protecting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by HH King Salman and Crown Prince by Artist Francois Maurice,


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National Investment Center, Inc
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