Five Holistic Getaways to Restore Health & Wellness this Fall

Summer is finally here, which means we are taking time to enjoy our quality time with friends and family while still being organized and goal-directed. It’s also a good time to carve out some time for yourself. It’s the best time to enjoy a variety of different activities and relaxation breaks and work on your wellness.

To preserve and improve health and well-being and prevent unnecessary risks, here are five holistic getaways that will make this the best summer ever.

1. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is the most popular destination in the state and the southern-most destination in the USA. With more than 150 hotels and resorts, this main city in Phoenix County is an important destination for visitors. It also has a central business center, retail centers, and wide and highly developed open spaces for relaxation and outdoor activities. Its attractive communities are also the tourist hub of Tucson, Tucson wine country, Chino Hills, Tempe and downtown.

With less than a hour flight to Phoenix, and a direct flight to Los Angeles, it makes sense to visit in the spring or fall. Whatever kind of family is required for your spring or fall getaway can find something fun and tranquil at the surrounding destinations.

With the modern Gilt Travel Photo Booth for a professional shot, plus the Dolphin Meet-up Program where people to take a trip in the area, Scottsdale is ideal for leisure travelers. At the Gem Brook Athletic Club, bring a friend and work out and shop while you improve your fitness. The Blue Pool is the pool for those who are fit, while the convenience and low membership rates are great for those seeking a wellness trip or family getaway.

2. Dublin, Ireland

The preeminence of Dublin is a source of pride for Ireland, but the global Irish community loves to visit this historic city. In addition to historic events, cafes, museums, markets, bars, and dining, it is also safe to visit as a family or small group.

3. Anguilla

The Caribbean island of Anguilla is friendly to tourists who are looking for a sanctuary to unwind and forget everything. Enter the no-frills Caribbean island with breathtaking sand beaches, crystal clear waters, shopping, and great entertainment.

It also features the Caribbean Republic’s National Water Park, which includes attractions such as Deep Hopper, a zip line featuring a 71-meter-long (253ft) wire. A World Class Adventure Park, Playa Cococoeirao, provides an ideal destination for family relaxation and a great day out for children. The resort at Marine Head provides unmatched luxury and comfort, including an extensive club lounge and pool.

4. Lake Tobago

Plenty of opportunities to visit the tropical paradise of Tobago, a vacation destination for visitors from the UK, the US, and Canada. Tourist attractions include the famous Breakers Castle, which was reportedly chosen by Queen Victoria as her favorite in the Caribbean, and the very famous Grace Bay beach. The Flamingo Beach Resort offers an ideal base for your next vacation in Tobago.

5. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

According to travel research from the Travelocity Group, Playa del Carmen is one of the top destinations to visit in 2019. Playa del Carmen is one of the safest cities to visit in Mexico, and a newly completed vision, project, and archeological park opened by the National Institute of Anthropology and History this month.

By way of scenic views, a sultry night life, top-notch cuisine, and the beach itself, this coastal location in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico presents some of the most up-and-coming tourist destinations in Mexico.

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