Former Teacher and Mother of Two, Releases Endearing Father and Daughter Dream Adventure Book That is Quickly Taking Off

Jillian Rodriguez with her newly released book, “I’ll Meet You at the Rainbow”

Jillian Rodriguez, former teacher turned author, releases a children’s book, that is drawing the attention of children with anxiety and dealing with loss.

every night before bed my girls and I say. ‘I’ll meet you at the rainbow’. Once we decide on which color we are meeting on, I set the oil diffusor to that color and it illuminates the room”

— Jillian Rodriguez

LOXAHATCHEE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The newly released children’s book titled “I’ll Meet You at the Rainbow”, written by Jillian Rodriguez, was originated from a night time saying her father used to say to her, that she turned into a sweet routine she created for her children. The story is about a magical dream adventure embarked on by a father and his daughter to the rainbow. They explore every color and have magical adventures in each part. The illustrations on each page explode with bright and vivid colors and really help to captivate and keep the attention of its young audience.

Rodriguez mentions how her older daughter tends to have anxious tendencies and including the “meeting at the rainbow” nightly routine, has really helped to sooth her fears and anxieties. Rodriguez explains, “every night before bed my girls and I say. ‘I’ll meet you at the rainbow’. Once we decide on which color we are meeting on, I set the oil diffusor to that color and it illuminates the room in a soft, warm hue. We then take turns describing what we are bringing to the rainbow and what we will do. I really feel it helps to calm my girls before bed because instead of thinking about all of the stresses that day and worrying about what tomorrow will bring, they are relaxed and excited about the adventures we are going to have in our dreams.”

The recently released children’s book has quickly reached number 19 in Amazon’s “children’s sleep issues” section for new releases. It has been met with great enthusiasm and has really began to get noticed as a great book for children who have experienced the loss of a parent or loved one. One of the books reviews written by Apple Sophia Lim, who mentions she herself is a children’s book author, states “I thought it will be rather suitable for children that have lost their father and this can be a good book to explain and calm the child.” This seems to be a popular public opinion, as many family members of children who have lost a loved one, have reached out to Rodriguez thanking her. Stating this book would be perfect for the child in their life. One person in a social media outlet Rodriguez posted in, mentioned how her granddaughter recently lost her mother and she would be buying this book for her. Although the mother is tragically no longer with her, she may find solace and comfort from this story by imagining them having an adventure in her dreams.

Jillian Rodriguez is very excited about the release of her book and has already planned multiple events with local schools and community functions. She hopes to make this book one of a four-part series.

“I’ll Meet You at the Rainbow” can be found at Amazon in hardcover, paperback and kindle or online at Barnes and Noble.

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