Founders of The Real Connected Co. LLC

Constance and Anthony Mason, are providing the playbook to leveling up your entrepreneurial life

YORK, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Mason’s are launching their book “MONEY TALK$: Uncut Convos With Power Couples About Love, Money & Entrepreneurship”. Along with over two dozen other married Black entrepreneur couples, they are sharing their trials, tribulations and lessons learned in being their own bosses.

Constance and Anthony Mason are a Pennsylvania based couple who have been together for twenty-one years and have been married fifteen years. Constance is a financial expert and CEO of Concierge Financial Group. Anthony is a veteran and a retiree. Together they are the co-founders of The Real Connected Co., LLC. Between them, they have over ten years of entrepreneurial experience and knowledge they share in “MONEY TALK$”.

They wrote the book with the goal of inspiring fellow Black people who are currently entrepreneurs or looking to begin. With testimonies and chapters written by the twenty-four other couples, the reader is provided with a bevy of real stories from real people. Entrepreneurship has many high and low points that can happen rather erratically, with “MONEY TALK$” readers will learn how to manage said struggles and see that they are common even amongst the most successful.

For the readers of the book, “There are ways to get through hardships, loss, and difficulties. We hope to show what’s possible as well as the community available to them”, Constance and Anthony said.

Their twenty-four couples’ stories and the diversity of their backgrounds provide a guide to budding entrepreneurs due to the couples’ foresight. The group consists of a same-sex couple, three pastor couples, law enforcement, IT technicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, authors, poets, etc.

“The sheer volume of Black families who volunteered their time is incredible”, said Constance.

Building solidarity and encouraging self-sufficiency is a major goal of the Mason’s.

“It’s a great show of community”, said Anthony.

“We are taking all excuses away for those yet to make the leap.”

The book is set to officially launch on February 21, 2021.

Pre-sale tickets for the virtual book launch holiday event on December 19, 2020: http://ccraigmason.samcart.com/products/vipticket

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