Full Court Press Offering a Authentic Look into The Career of an Athlete and Overcoming Adversity


Full Court Press takes you on a journey through the life of Maurice Kirby, a professional athlete who learned the real truth behind athletics quicker than most.

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Full Court Press Offering an Authentic Look into The Career of an Athlete and the Adversity that others will not talk about.

Full Court Press offers a unique perspective on young athletes growing up and handling the adversity of balancing life and athletics on a grand stage. Maurice Kirby walks readers through his life as well as choices that have affected his career thus far and gives others a chance to put themselves in his shoes and go on this journey. Readers will be able to go through the highs and lows and look inward on their own journey through life.

Full Court Press is for the current and former athletes that may have dealt with the same issues and have yet to talk about them. Maurice Kirby gives them an opportunity to tell their truth through his experiences as well. It is for the young athletes that may not know what to expect and want to know about all sides of the sports world so they can be informed and educated on the risks. The parents and young adults who may be wondering what their child might endure one day. This publication will include an honest portrayal of one man’s experience but so many others story themselves. Battling challenges with support groups, depression, systems that are outdated and the overall will do push through life.

We are thrilled about the possibilities that would emerge as a result of the efforts. Maurice Kirby has worked tirelessly to promote inclusion and awareness for the new entrants. It would be great to see the book’s impact in the shape of better lifestyles and increased support and opportunities among individuals who are concerned about their future in athletics. Please stay tuned for the release date end of July, 2021.

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Maurice Kirby is a well-known name in sports and athletics who seeks to share his life experiences with others to give them an edge. He has faced numerous hardships in life and gives this book as a model to overcome the challenges along the way. He strives to give young and current athletes a way to become successful in sports and make decisions to take care of their future.

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