Fund Shack launches platform to scale goodwill in private equity and venture capital

• First global private capital initiative to recognise individuals
• Applies network-effect to goodwill through a viral platform

LONDON, UK, December 13, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fund Shack, the global private capital channel, today launches Value Creators 2021, a positive new initiative that allows private equity and venture capital professionals to acknowledge people they know professionally to be Value Creators.

The online service enables professionals at all levels of seniority, and across the private equity and venture capital value chain, to recognise others and be recognised as Value Creators for their achievements during 2020, by colleagues and contacts.

They can then seamlessly post their support on LinkedIn, allowing their network to Like, Comment or leave their own testimonial.

The platform will be live from 14 December to 14 February. At the end of the process all Value Creators above a threshold of support will be listed on Fund Shack as 2021’s Most Respected Value Creators. Value Creators will be grouped by region – the Americas, EMEA, Asia-Pacific – as well as by function and seniority.

It is the first ever comprehensive effort to acknowledge value creation, where it happens, across the entire global private capital value chain.

Ross Butler, CEO of Linear B Media and Fund Shack host, said: “Most of the value from the $4trn in private capital under management is not created by ‘star managers’ or mavericks, but through a team effort, and that includes those making fund investment decisions, direct investments, operations support, and the whole ecosystem of expert advisors. The Value Creators is a way to show appreciation and acknowledgement to anyone whose efforts have helped to create exceptional value.”

“Private capital professionals are like anyone else – a genuine compliment from a respected colleague is something you cannot put a price on.”

The initiative has been organised by Fund Shack, the global private capital channel for alternative investment professionals.

Regine Wilber, Digital Director of the Fund Shack Value Creators, said: “The conversations on Fund Shack give a real human-touch to investment institutions and brands that, to many people, are otherwise faceless. They help to make trust scalable. In the same way, the Value Creators platform has been designed with one goal in mind: to harness goodwill and make that scalable too.”

Private capital executives can be recognised as Chief Value Creators, Consummate Professionals, Deal Heroes, Portfolio Sages or Ops Ninjas. Dream Deal Teams and Trusted Advisors can also be recognised.

The Value Creators platform is live at vc.fund-shack.com until February 14th, 2021.


Nikita Malik
Fund Shack

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