GaN RF Semiconductor Devices Market Analysis By Industry Growth, Size, Share, Demand, Trends and Forecast 2022-2031

Market Overview

The GaN RF semiconductor devices market was valued at USD 567.87 million in 2019 and is expected to reach a value of USD 1967.6  million by 2025, at a CAGR of 23.20%, during the forecast period.  Owing to the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), the advent of 5G network and widespread applications across various industry verticals will offer immense growth opportunities to the RF GaN semiconductors market.

– The successful implementation of IoT needs data transfer over a network without human-to-computer interaction. The increasing implementation of IoT will result in signal congestion and will demand the use of GaN technology that can amplify power, capacity, and the bandwidth required for communicating with all interconnected devices.
– Development of MEMS technology are an integral part of IoT devices, and will also have a positive impact on the GaN RF semiconductor devices market.
– Increasing demand for smartphones, gaming devices, laptops, and TVs is expected to drive the GaN semiconductor devices market in the consumer electronics sector.

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Scope of the Report

Gallium nitride (GaN) is a material that can be used in the production of semiconductor power devices as well as RF components and light emitting diodes (LEDs). GaN has demonstrated the capability to be the displacement technology for silicon semiconductors in power conversion, RF, and analog applications. GaN RF semiconductor devices can be used in various application depending upon the requirement.

Key Market Trends

Proliferation of Long Term Evolution Wireless Networks to Drive the Market Growth

– Rise in Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless networks is one of the primary growth factors for the GaN RF semiconductor devices market. The constantly increasing data consumption has resulted in the growth of commercial networks and will induce network carriers to adopt next-generation LTE networks, such as 4G and 5G.
– Due to its ability to provide higher frequency data bandwidth connections, GaN RF technology will soon be the ideal choice for network service providers. GaN RF devices help in ensuring that the device can generate maximum frequency at the necessary band, and also prevent any interference from other frequency bands.
– The deployment of GaN RF power devices will allow LTE devices to offer speeds that allow consumers to upload and download content, such as music and photographs, and also play online games and watch online TV shows on maximum frequency bands, which will lead to a rise in their adoption.

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