George GStar enters the rap industry with new single and upcoming video for ‘Dark World’

Entrepreneur celebrity and self-made millionaire George GStar is ready to conquer the rap world with much anticipated rap single and an upcoming video for it.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — George GStar has already changed the game as a self-made millionaire and social media celebrity, and now he has set his sights on the music industry with “Dark World,” his debut single as a rap artist.

Even before he made music, GStar was renowned as an authority and thought leader in the fields of leadership, entrepreneurship and lifestyle. His motivational YouTube videos and explicit viral Instagram posts with XXXTentacion have been viewed by millions of people, attracting interest from sponsors and record labels.

Since barreling into the sound cloud rap scene last year, George Gstar has become one of the rap’s biggest and most controversial new stars, with ties to Tr3way entertainment and BMF, an up and coming hyped album and a fervent congregation of young fans.

Several record labels were interested in signing Gstar and 8mm Ent. approached him with a $6.5 million offer. The negotiations had its bump, specially since Gstar had a track banned from a major streaming network for itself “hateful conduct” policy.

Ghazi Shawami, the founder of 8MM Ent, said that “George Gstar — a prolific creator who started his career posting tracks by the dozen to the streaming site SoundCloud — has finished a significant amount of material for the new record, but there are no firm plans for its release.”

Now, his raw, rhythmic beats and intricate, exhilarating lyrics are ready to captivate hip-hop fans all across the country. His hype-inducing new track is expected to make a splash in the hip-hop world due to his connections with Tr3yway Entertainment, who brought out “GOOBA” by Tekashi 69, and BMF (Black Mafia Family). GStar plans on releasing a video soon, but due to Covid-19, plans have been on hold, as large productions in LA are currently shut down.

GStar says that his track is most influenced by XXXTentacion and the melodic sounds of hip-hop. Its fascinating blend of soulful vibes and rousing rhythms create an energetic piece of art that will excite fans of the genre. The song provides a vivid, visceral glimpse into his luxurious lifestyle. He was influenced by the track “Look at Me,” which was produced by Tr3way Billy Ado, who is a friend of GStar and has helped him with his rapping.

Tr3way Billy Ado said, “He has an ear for a completely different sound and much like XXXTentacion, he uses modern ways to communicate his hidden messages.”

GStar wanted to incorporate his real experiences and lifestyle into his music. He stated: “I want everyone to have that feeling and feel my lifestyle inside my music without ever seeing me. I want you to feel like you’re in Paris, in bed with a super model with your Rolls Royce downstairs, at a red carpet event, because that’s what I do in real life. I do the shit I like to do.”

The end result is a musical experience that is intense, intimate, and intriguing. Hip-hop fans ready to witness the start of George GStar’s journey as an artist can download and listen to this new track on SoundCloud.

ABOUT George GStar

George GStar is a self-made millionaire and social media celebrity. He managed to accumulate a net worth estimated to be around $150–180 million by the age of 25. George GStar made much of his fortune in the logistics and metal recycling business but has also accumulated much of his wealth from real estate investing.

Over the years, George GStar has amassed a personal real estate portfolio north of $65 million alone. His real estate holdings are mainly spread between Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and Costa Rica. He says that knowing what markets to be in and when to be in them is critical to high yield success in the real estate game, and has since entered over 20 other businesses including trucking and his own personal lending firm.

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