Get Ready! Here are the Top 10 Trends for 2021

Trends Journal: Top Trends for 2021

Trends Journal: Top Trends for 2021

KINGSTON, NY, USA, December 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — This is our 40th year of trend forecasting. Get ready for 2021: a year that will go down in history.

Welcome in the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

As the New Year approaches, the focus of the mainstream media will be to look back at 2020. Why? Because they are stuck in the past; the future is off limits.

Our Top 10 Trends of 2021 provide forecasts and analysis of a future unlike any witnessed in modern history.

Indeed, among the Bad and the Ugly, much of the globe will suffer through the “Greatest Depression.”

On the upside, as the world is going down, a universal spirit will ascend to the highest order of Freedom, Peace & Justice.

Here are our Top 10 Trends for 2021 that will shape the course of new realities in the coming year:

4. ROARING 2021

1. GREATEST DEPRESSION. The “Greatest Depression” has begun. Unprecedented in world history, much of the world’s economy has been locked down to fight the COVID War. Hundreds of millions of lives and livelihoods have been destroyed, and tens of millions of businesses will be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Wall Street is booming yet Main Street is going bankrupt. Will the markets crash or will Main Street bounce back?

2. ANTI-VAX, ANTI-TAX POLITICAL PARTIES. The war is on! The fight between governments which will demand mass vaccinations and those opposing them will rage across much of the world. To counter ruling the establishments, there will be strong political forces forming new political parties.

Another platform of newly-forming political parties will be anti-tax. With schools closed and learning online, taxpayers will demand decreases in school taxes and pay cuts for politicians.

3. SURVIVALISM. Beyond knowing survival skills to attack the attacker to fight for your life or lose it, doubling up on mental health, physical fitness, and diet, when everything else is going down, will separate the Survivalists from the victims and the winners from losers in 2021 and beyond.

4. ROARING 2021. Tired of being masked up and locked in, restrictions or not, from Gen Z to mid-Millennials and Gen Y to Baby Boomers who don’t buy into the lockdown measures, it’s Party Time.

Just as the Roaring ‘20s followed the Spanish Flu, a “Roaring 2021” will follow COVID as the locked down hit the streets to let loose and party. Get ready for a whole new 2021 sound and style.

5. SPEAKEASIES. With their juices flowing and nowhere to let it loose, younger generations will sneak out and go underground to clubs and venues to have a good time.

The “Speakeasy” trend has begun. As it accelerates dramatically this coming year, it will provide numerous opportunities for OnTrendpreneurs® to create new night club scenes, sounds, and styles in the upcoming “Roaring 2021.”

6. YOUTH REVOLUTION. Can’t go to college, can’t get a job, can’t move out of your parent’s house, can’t pay off your debts, can’t buy a new car… can’t, can’t, can’t. The American Dream, or the dream of any youngster around the world, has become a COVID nightmare.

There will be strong anti-lockdown, go-out-and-play, speakeasy, “Roaring 2021” movements launched by 18-to 29-year-olds who view COVID as an “old person’s disease.” And they will be a strong component of political/anti-government movements.

7. BOCA MIDNIGHT. It’s “Boca Midnight” – the streets are empty long before the clock strikes midnight. The political dictate promoted by the media and enforced by the police is, “It’s 10 PM. Close down your restaurant, get back in your house, don’t go out and party, don’t go out and play.”

The new midnight is what the old folks do in Boca Raton, Florida: go out early and get to bed by 10 o’clock. No nightlife. Welcome to “Boca Midnight”!

8. CHURCH OF FREEDOM, PEACE & JUSTICE. In 2021, a new religion will be in the making. Members of all congregations, regardless of the gods and creeds they believe in, will be uniting under a universal religion of Freedom, Peace & Justice.

Rallying in the name of Freedom to protest against government lockdowns that have destroyed the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions, we forecast masses will unite under a new religious order, whereby it will be difficult for governments to impose COVID restrictions which would be in violation of the Freedom to religiously assemble.

9. CHINA 2021: THE CHINESE CENTURY. While America spent countless trillions waging and losing endless wars in the 20th century, China has spent its trillions advancing the nation’s businesses and building its 21st-century infrastructure.

The 20th century was the American century, but as America continues to decline financially, socially, physically, and mentally, the 21st century will be the Chinese century. The business of China is business; the business of America is war.

10. NEW WORLD DISORDER 2.0. Back in 2019, protests raged from South America to Africa, from the Middle East to Asia to Europe, with millions taking to the streets fighting against government control, corruption, income inequality, poverty, violence, and crime.

Then, suddenly, when the COVID War broke out, governments locked down their nations and locked down the protests. We forecast that in 2021, the uprisings and revolutions sweeping the world before the COVID War will accelerate dramatically, as billions sink deeper into economic despair.

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Trends Journal: Top 10 Trends for 2021

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