GIC- Global Inbound Closers is giving women their power back in the fight against Domestic Violence and Abuse

We help women who are victims and survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse to have financial empowerment.

KINGSTON, ON, CANADA, July 12, 2021 / — Tristan Bliss, Founder of the company went from abuse and abandonment in spring of 2018 to founding GIC – Global Inbound Closers. Find out how she transformed her pain to empowerment and financially empowering women worldwide.

Watch the Full interview of Global News Morning chats with Global Inbound Closers’ Tristan Bliss
GIC was created to financially enable women and children living in domestic violence and abuse

“We help women who are victims and survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse to have the financial means to leave the abuse and save their lives and the lives of their children and pets.  Our company provides remote sales jobs and inbound closing positions to women worldwide who need to have the financial resources to safely and permanently leave their abusers.” say’s Tristan Bliss.

Excerpt from “Financial Feathers From Heaven: Rebound From Trauma to Personal And Financial Abundance!”

“The financial fishhook

This is most likely not the first time you have left the abuse, but make sure it’s the
last time you leave.

For many women they go back to the abuse because they fear financial distress will
be more devastating than living with abuse.

I’m here to tell you that you now have an option to change your financial outcome and
eliminate that reasoning for having to tolerate living in terror.

I am writing this book to help as many people living in abuse as I possibly can. This
is always going to be my life’s work in one way or another, but in order to stop this
cycle of abuse in society it’s going to take more than just writing a book to show you
how to get out of poverty to end the cycle of abuse.

It’s going to have to start with a complete understanding of where abuse comes from
and how to stop it at its core. Not to put a bandage on a gashing wound, but stop the
wound from happening before it starts.

Abuse doesn’t only happen to families that are living in poverty, abuse
happens in every socio economic class. Control is what needs to be broken.
Generational patterns that have infected men, women and children that is being
passed on and on to the next generation and the next.

We can’t change the past, but we can change what happens in the future.”

Global Inbound Closers is truly a beacon of hope for so many people around the world.  A consistent way to have the income you desire and endless options of jobs flowing into your life every single day!  

We know the power of being limitless and we are sharing that power with those who have visions of more in life, without time sacrifice away from whatever your life offers you!  Family, hobbies or life passions and goals! GIC was created to compliment your life and bank account with more time and financial freedom.

We created this business to be able to give back in a profound way to the world, especially right now when our world is facing some much uncertainty.  GIC is the blanket of comfort and stability that people need!  Yearn for. Praying for.  

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