Global Healthcare PPE Demand Analysis-COVID-19 Impact: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size and Forecast Report 2022-2031

Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) are protective gear designed to safeguard the health of workers by minimizing the exposure to a biological agent. Finding itself in a tight spot, India has started looking at importing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits from China, Singapore and Korea to meet its requirements. While the government’s nodal agency on procurement HLL Lifecare rolled out a tender last week, the government has decided not to wait for the bids to open instead of source it from other countries. All personal protective equipment (PPE) that is intended for use as a medical device must follow The FDA’s regulations and should meet applicable voluntary consensus standards for protection. This includes surgical masks, N95 respirators, medical gloves, and gowns. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, UNICEF has been undertaking a continuous assessment of the impact on sourcing essential and strategic supplies, including those used in the response to the disease such as personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE items are used by frontline healthcare workers in the response and the equipment includes surgical face masks, N95 respirators, gowns, coveralls, gloves, and hand sanitizers.
COVID-19 Cases, Globally

Note: As of 30th April 2020
As of April 30, 2022; the total coronavirus cases topped 3.3 million as more than 86,037 more people contracted the infection in a single day. The death toll worldwide as of April 30 stands at 233,830 and the number of recoveries at 1,039,061. Nearly 80% of the coronavirus cases are from the United States and Europe. The United States accounts for more than 33% while Europe is the most affected continent.

Note: As of 30th April 2020
The global tally of coronavirus pandemic cases as of 30th April stands at 3.3 million, and fatalities at nearly 2.33 lakhs. While the US and Europe remain the worst affected regions, Italy and Spain are showing early signs of restraining the extent of the spread. Both countries have managed to reduce their share of the death toll in the total. The trends seen in the recoveries in Spain in the past week show that the worst might soon be over. In India, the total number of cases has risen to almost 34,863 as of April 30th, and there has been a sharp rise in the number of deaths, which has reach to 1,154. The total number climbed from 2 million to 3 million confirmed cases in less than two weeks, and more than 600,000 cases have been recorded in the US alone. As the COVID-19 disease spreads outside of China, countries like Italy, Iran and Spain are leading the world in new coronavirus cases. Demand needs from low- and middle-income countries buying PPE through UNICEF are being informed by UNICEF’s program guidance for coronavirus and regarding WHO interim guidance on the rational use of PPE for COVID-19. UNICEF Supply Division has been continuously assessing PPE requests submitted by UNICEF country offices to understand local programmatic plans, requirements, and supply expectations. Forty-six countries have so far submitted forecasts for PPE supplies, although there are some countries where UNICEF provides important programmatic assistance that has yet to do so. UNICEF’s regional and country offices are currently working on these forecasts in discussion with their respective country partner national ministries of health (MoH). Altogether, the massive demand for N95 respirators is driving exceptional growth in this medical device market. This demand is unlikely to ease any time soon, especially since the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated its recommendations advising the general public to use cloth face coverings to help stop the spread of Covid-19.
Medical Supplies Needed: Global amid COVID-19 Crisis

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Due to global shortages, 3M Co has ramped up its production of N95 respirators, doubling its normal output. The company is currently manufacturing 100 million N95 respirators per month worldwide, with 35 million of these being produced in the US. Furthermore, 3M Chief Executive Officer Mike Roman has stated that the company aims to increase its US production of N95 respirators even further, to reach 50 million per month by June 2020. In addition to the demand for N95 respirators far outstripping current manufacturing capabilities, ongoing supply chain issues are also contributing to shortages. According to our analysis, approximately 200 million PPE is in demand globally due to this pandemic, the number is expected to increase and reach its peak in the month of August 2020. To prevent the deaths of tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, the manufacturers have already boosted their production to maximum by themselves. UNICEF’s current demand estimates for these two items for three months is approximately 25 million units. Similarly, the annual average usage for all different types of face masks sourced via UNICEF did not exceed 25,000 units. By contrast, the current demand for face masks, both surgical and N95 masks, in response to COVID-19 exceeds 55 million.
Insights Presented in the Report
“Medical Masks are expected to dominate the product type demand of Healthcare PPE amid COVID-19 Crisis during analyzed period Feb-Dec 2020”
Based on the product type, the Healthcare PPE market is bifurcated into medical masks, gowns, gloves, and goggles. The market of medical masks is expected to grow due to the rise of the COVID-19 cases and is projected to dominate the market in December 2020.
“Hospitals are projected to demand more of Healthcare PPE during COVID-19 Crisis”
Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment market based on end-user type is segmented into hospitals, primary care centers and others. Hospitals are projected to dominate the demand of PPE amid COVID-19 as they are subjected to the maximum exposure amid COVID-19 for the long hours.
“US is expected to need more of Healthcare PPE amid COVID-19 Crisis”
For a better understanding of the healthcare personal protective equipment demand trend that arises due to COVID-19, a detailed analysis was conducted for the top 10 most affected regions including United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Iran, and India. The United States currently has the highest number of PPE available and is expected to need even more than any other country across the world as the region acquires more than 30% of the global COVID-19 cases alone and the cases are still on the rise.
Competitive Scenario
Some of the major players profiled in the Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment demand market study include 3M Company, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Ansell Limited, Honeywell International, Alpha Pro Tech, MSA Safety, DuPont Inc., Lakeland Industries, Avanos Medical, and Medline Industries. These industry players are entering into several mergers & acquisitions and partnerships for the expansion of their reach and increasing their hold on the market.
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• The study includes current and demand forecast of healthcare personal protective equipment due to COVID-19 outbreak
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• Detailed examination of drivers, restraints, key trends and opportunities prevailing in the industry
• The study comprehensively covers the healthcare personal protective equipment demand and stakeholders approach in limiting its gap
• Deep dive country-level analysis of the COVID-19

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