Global Neurostimulation Devices Market – Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast Till 2022-2031

Global Neurostimulation Devices Market By Product Type (SCS, DBS, SNS, VNS,
and GES), By Applications Type (Pain Management, Urinary & Fecal Incontinence,
and Epilepsy), By End-users (Hospitals and Trauma Centers), and By Regions
(North America, Europe, APAC, and RoW) – Forecast up to 2031
This market research report includes a detailed segmentation of the global
neurostimulation devices market by product type (SCS, DBS, SNS, VNS, and GES), by
applications type (pain management, urinary & fecal incontinence, and epilepsy), by
end-users (hospitals and trauma centers), and by regions (North America, Europe,
APAC, and RoW).

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Research Overview
Infoholic Research predicts that the global neurostimulation devices market will grow at a CAGR
of 12.18% during the forecast period. Neurostimulation devices are designed
specifically to treat various conditions effectively by delivering low voltage electricity to specific
parts of the patient brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nervous system. Several kinds of research
have revealed that neurostimulation therapy has improved the ability to function and participate
in activities of daily living. Thus, neurostimulation devices are found to be effective among
patients suffering from various neurological disorders, thereby influencing the growth of the
global neurostimulation devices market. The drug-free advantages of neurostimulation devices
in chronic pain management without opioids can be a lifesaver for many as it avoids the
systemic impacts and possible addictive outcomes of drug therapy. Their promising results in
improving the quality of life have enabled many healthcare providers and facilities to deliver
rapid, safe, and effective treatment procedures.

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Recent advancements in neurotechnology and neuroimaging, along with an increased
understanding of neurocircuitry, are providing the necessary tools to treat patients with many
debilitating neurologic and psychiatric disorders that are contributing to the rapid rise in the use
of neurostimulation therapies. After remaining relatively stagnant for the past 30 years, electrical
stimulation technologies are evolving toward potential closed-loop therapeutic control systems
with the ability to deliver stimulation with a higher spatial resolution to provide continuously
customized neuromodulation for optimal clinical outcomes. Also, advancements such as
electrode design to enable long-term high-precision sensing and stimulating as well as

computing approaches to acquire and assess meaningful feedback signals in real-time to adapt
stimulation parameters accordingly are boosting the neurostimulation devices market. With the
advent of new technologies-enabled devices, manufacturers have focused on developing tools
and devices that transform disease treatment on a global scale to be less toxic, less invasive, and
more effective, using precise ultra-low radiofrequency energy. Such promising results of
neurostimulation devices are making manufacturers invest more in R&D for the development of
advanced products. Hence there would be a growing demand for the development of effective
neurovascular devices and commercialization during the forecast period.

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