Google Offers Alternative to a 4-Year Degree

Faced with a shortage of IT graduates, Google has created a four-year degree in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) for teachers, administrators, administrators of advanced tech courses, and parents and community members, the official Xinhua New Agency reported.

The three-day program runs through Friday in Shenzhen, southern China’s Guangdong Province.

It seeks to build the foundation of knowledge and competence in the IT field among the participants through specific instruction, professional experience, and good-quality networking opportunities.

The program consists of 1,000 hours of theoretical study, 100 hours of practical teaching, 300 hours of discussions and 200 hours of supervision.

Students are able to earn a qualification from Google.org for their credentials while also earning a certification from the local government.

The short 10-day course on teaching ICT provides valuable information about teaching practices, and participants will engage in practical learning before receiving qualification and certification, Google said.

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