Google Search Alternatives That Respect Your Privacy

The dark horse in this field is Microsoft’s new cross-platform Edge browser, based on the open-source Chromium engine. (I do not recommend the legacy Edge browser, available only in Windows 10, which is deprecated and will be replaced with the new Edge within a year.) I will admit that Google is generally the best search engine. I was an early adopter and often recommended it. 

Startpage discards all personally identifiable information. Like DuckDuckGo, Startpage doesn’t use cookies, it immediately discards IP addresses, and it doesn’t keep a record of searches performed.

Peekier is another fascinating privacy oriented search engine. Unlike the previous one, it is not a metasearch engine but has its own algorithm implemented. 

The search results are simplified with specific meta data. It lets you select a country to get the most relevant result you may be looking for. Also, when you type in a question or search for a fix, it might present you with an instant answer (fetched from the source).

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