Google Shopping 100 Showcases Season’s Top Trending Gifts

The first time I posted Google Shopping items, a cheery and charming penguin emerged as a clear leader in overall popularity, followed by Barbie dolls, an iPod mini, and the Christian Dior “Gold Dust Woman” perfume.

I liked the penguin. But, wait a minute. What happened to American Idol?

On the same day, the next most popular seller was toymaker Mattel’s Barbie, which had last year’s most popular gift at No. 2, tied with Tinky Winky from children’s TV.

Both items sold out at Amazon.com, which is apparently something of a blue-light special — the site charged the highest price for Barbie at $89.99, while Google Shopping listed Barbie as the cheapest for about $10 less.

Mattel and its competitors seem to have nailed down a key element of this year’s holiday wish list: while Google is honoring television shows and movies with iconic names, it’s not quite as hip as a toy from Tinky Winky.

The moral is that even though everyone still watches television, young people are increasingly getting their entertainment from Netflix and other on-demand services. But the public remains willing to buy toys and other, more straightforward, merchandise from the current season’s hot catalog.

Yes, of course you can still find great bargain shows on television. “The Good Place” still has a lot of buzz, and “Sharp Objects” is looking pretty good, too. But here’s something kids — young and old — can only learn through childhood experience.

This is the fourth and final installment of a three-part guide to the top 100 Giftable Google Shopping results of all time.

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