Great Beginnings of Youngpreneurs

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Youngpreneurs are Children, Teenagers, Young Adults that share a common interest of owning their own business.

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, USA , December 24, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Great Beginnings Of Youngpreneurs”

Youngpreneurs are children, teenagers and young adults that share a common interest in owning their own business. They start and maintain businesses. They focus on growing, earning, and learning, while improving their personal and professional development. Youngpreneurs tap into their talents, follow their passion and discover how to make their business unique.

Parents often ask, “Is my son or daughter too young to learn business?” I teach parents and youngpreneurs to go back to the basics; to tell their inside story. I encourage youngpreneurs to be authentic, and to unlock their creativity to think entrepreneurially to identify opportunities.

I partner with parents and youngpreneurs to create the next generation of highly skilled entrepreneurs. I value passion to embrace and create change in the lives of young people by teaching them to be humble, disciplined, open-minded, courageous, and multi-talented. We help dreams to become reality. We are “Uniquely Different.”


4 year old Author: Hayden Monroe Harris

Fairburn, Georgia

Book Title – “The Mysterious Baby Brother”

“I love my baby brother. I felt happy because I know how to read it.”

6 year old Lip Gloss Entrepreneur: Madison R. Williams


Queens, New York

“I’m coming out with my own lip gloss. My name is PrettiPoppiMaddi. Buy it please.”

14 year old Musician: Campion McConnell

Arlington, Texas

“I play guitar, piano and saxophone. I like the music.”

16 year old Nail Polish Entrepreneur: Faith Amoni

Fab and Fearless Beauty

Buffalo, New York

“F.A.F. produces beautiful polishes for the Fab and Fabulous at any age!”

16 year old Singer: Lawson Garciaparra McConnell

Garciaparra “Haunt Me”

Arlington, Texas

“I made that song to express any anxiety that anyone might have.”

21 year old Lash Tech: Tatiyana Williams

The Real Elite Beauties LLC

Rochester, New York

“I like to be my own, having something I can pass down that can benefit my family.”

Carla A. Murphy

“Let’s Grow, Earn, and Learn Together!”

“Let’s G.E.L.”

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