Revolutionising The New And Improved Green Crypto Movement

GreenDoge is building a GreenCredits reserve for blockchains to operate sustainably. It is a community driven, fair launched, DEFI Token on BSC.

SINGAPORE, June 1, 2021 / — GreenDoge is a token created to optimise transactional energy across Cryptocurrency blockchains as well as to reward holders and incentivize long-term holding of the token. In Phase 1 – Each transaction with GreenDoge contributes to the environment in partnership with Trees.Org building the GreenCredits reserve. They have partnerships coming with large-mid cap coins investing on GreenDoge to build self-growing GreenCredits and reduce their Carbon Tax (and not get wrecked by Elon Musk). In time they are building protocol to reduce transaction hops to run energy efficiency blockchains. This will be massive as new chains like ADA Smart contracts go LIVE. They have a strong team working at the Top Tech companies with a strong marketing strategy.

A 10% tax on each transaction ensures holders are rewarded and have a massive 5% redistributed to each wallet. Another 5% added to liquidity ensures stability and minimizes the risk of a rug pull or a massive whale-dump, like the Safemoon’s $10M dump, causing a large crash in the market and hurting holders in the process.

An innovative system of setting a cap on each transaction ensures whales are not welcomed to GreenDoge. They have designed GreenDoge to have a maximum amount of 1% supply of the total market per transaction. This means at any point in time, any person who wants to sell or buy a large number of tokens will have a maximum of 1% available per transaction. This will be so that no one can dump >1% in one transaction, aiming to reduce the risk of whale-dumping and even providing a safety feature against rug pulling.

Bitcoin was recently retracted as a mode of payment by the electric car giant Tesla because of its high energy usage mining. This confirms that the industry is starting to shift to more green and sustainable ways of doing business. GreenDoge deployed a Binance Smart Chain contract tailored to link blockchain transactions with social and environmental impact building renewable credits: GreenCredits.

The GreenCredits created are distributed proportionally to each GreenDoge LP token and its holder. GreenCredits are built from 2% out of the 5% addition to the liquidity poll contributed to donation every quarter. Token holders benefit from this in high proportions as partner investments on the GreenCredits which entails an increase in liquidity + manual burns of the same number of tokens as the partner adds liquidity to. As with any crypto, this scarcity leads to the higher value of the GreenDoge token.

The market wide crash last week saw Bitcoin lose 30% of its price. It also wiped out more than $1 trillion off the crypto market cap. In effect, almost one million traders liquidated in one day. The GreenDoge holders are protected from this because GreenDoge has an innovative system of setting a cap on each transaction. GreenDoge’s official launch is set on June 1st. You can check out more information – whitepaper, roadmap and technology on their website

And once again, a reminder from the CEO:
“GreenDoge is here to revolutionise the Green Crypto movement”


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