Health professionals across the world are searching for new apps to help support health services during the pandemic.

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Italian eHealth app About You (developed with Omnis Studio) helps healthcare teams provide remote care to clinically vulnerable groups

Certainly speed of development and maintainability were the two key reasons for us to choose Omnis Studio rather than one of the many other mobile app development tools.”

— Maurizio Vico, Head of Development BiMind Srl.

SAXMUNDHAM, SUFFOLK, UNITED KINGDOM, December 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Initially shocked by the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic, medics across the world are now reaching for 21st-century resources to fight back against this modern plague. So this is a timely moment indeed for About You, the new (remote) health monitoring app from BiMind, to appear on the market. Everyone must now maintain social distancing to minimise the chance of spreading Covid 19. Yet patients must still feel they can report symptoms quickly, while medical professionals must be able to rely upon the rapid exchange of vital medical data to help them turn back the tide. And with such interactive, always-on flexibility already baked into its software features, IT specialists will not be surprised to hear About You’s core functionality was designed using Omnis software development tools.

The About You app has been developed by BiMind, a healthcare-focused technology company from Italy’s Marche region. Like so many other communities, the Marche Region is learning to live alongside the ever-present risk of coronavirus infection while continuing to support its people and their medical needs. Thanks to this new digital app, accessed via smartphone or tablet: Marche health teams can continue clinical care after patient discharge; health workers can monitor patient progress, access patient data, and continuously update the clinical picture; while patients and home caregivers have the support and reassurance of direct, on-demand access to their medical and nursing teams.

And looking beyond the current pandemic, About You seems set to play an important role in the remote care of clinically vulnerable groups. About You can access and share digital medical records, the app can integrate with any hospital information system, and its Bluetooth interface can maintain vital connectivity with personal monitoring systems. And at system level, this app’s ease of use, multi-database compatibility and cross-platform operability bear all the hallmarks of its Omnis Studio platform origins and philosophy: create the app once and let the legendary Omnis flexibility distribute it across multiple platforms.
“During the Covid-19 lockdown period we had to implement an application to support general practitioners within a very short time. We therefore had to choose a technology that would enable us to achieve a high level of development performance while ensuring high standards of maintainability and possible further development. We decided that Omnis was the right tool for this project,” explained Maurizio Vico, Head of Development BiMind Srl. “Certainly speed of development and maintainability were the two key reasons for us to choose Omnis Studio rather than one of the many other mobile app development tools.”

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