Heartbreak Clinic Founder La’Toya Hart Shares the Hair Loss Remedy That Changed Her Life

La'Toya Hart at Dr Oz

La’Toya Hart at Dr Oz

This One Ingredient Age-Old Beauty Secret Was All It Took To Save Her Hair

MIDDLETOWN, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES , January 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — More than 50% of women across the world suffer from hair loss. For women who chemically treat their hair, that number is much higher. Straightening treatments such as keratin and relaxers can wreak havoc on one’s natural hair, CEO and Founder of the Heartbreak Clinic, La’Toya Hart, was all too familiar with this struggle. Searching high and low for treatments to nourish her natural hair and create new growth from the hair she had lost. Appearing on Dr. Oz, La’Toya found her holy grail treatment from Natural Hair Expert Curly Nikki (Nikki Walton). One product found in any grocery store was all it took to save La’Toya’s hair: clarified butter.

Clarified butter has been used by Ethiopian women to treat damaged, dry, and broken hair for decades. In September 2019, La’Toya appeared on the Dr. Oz show, desperate for an answer to prevent further hair loss and breakage, where she was recommended to try ghee (clarified butter) on her hair at least once every two weeks. This recommendation changed La’Toya’s life, reviving her hope in obtaining healthy, luscious hair.

Every woman knows the effect of a good hair day. Such a small thing can have women walk taller, exude confidence, and feel powerful. Dedicating her life to helping women overcome obstacles, heartbreak and cultivate happiness; hair loss and damage took a toll on La’Toya’s life. Feeling distraught and desperate for help, Curly Nikki’s advice transformed not only La’Toya’s hair but also her confidence.

To learn more about La’Toya Hart and her journey through hair revival, please visit: www.latoyahart.com

About La’Toya Hart

La’Toya Hart is the founder and CEO of The Heartbreak Clinic in Middletown, Delaware. When dealing with a breakup, or struggling to cope with the aftermath of a toxic affair, sometimes the last thing we want to do is open up. When she walked away from a seven-year relationship back in 2007, it took a long time to tell her story, and even longer for her to find the right tools to cultivate happiness. Today she is grateful because since healing she has been able to hand those tools to thousands of women and use her professional and personal experiences to guide them to real, lasting transformation.



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