Héctor Díaz Gallery, the newest international art gallery in Latin America

Mona Lisa by Nigerian artist Christian Allison

Mona Lisa by Nigerian artist Christian Allison

Mona Lisa by Colombian artist Francisco Correa

Mona Lisa by Colombian artist Francisco Correa

Héctor Díaz Gallery

Héctor Díaz Gallery

Zapopan, one of the most economically thriving cities in Latin America, is the headquarters of Héctor Díaz Gallery

ZAPOPAN, JALISCO, MEXICO, October 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Opening Show

The Gallery wanted to involve all the artists in the first exhibition, the question was “How?”

Leonardo da Vinci is admired by all creators, so, as a tribute, those represented until 2021 created 2 interpretations of the Mona Lisa.

“The Mona Lisa Project” is the Gallery’s first exhibition, 16 artworks from 8 countries.

Disruptive, captivating and fascinating art makes up the Collection.



Jessica Feldman, 1972, United States
Yamila Coma Vargas, 1974, Cuba
Daniela Vargas Winiker, 1975, Costa Rica
Marta de los Pájaros, 1984, Spain
Sasha Neschastnova, 1993, Russia
Francisco Correa, 1951 – 2021, Colombia
Alexis Caballero, 1981, Mexico
Christian Allison, 1991, Nigeria

The Gallery

Héctor Díaz Gallery was founded in January 2020. Three months later the world would witness a global pandemic. Despite the fact that the industry would be hit hard, the Gallery decided to continue and focus its efforts on forming a group of extraordinary artists; 22 months after starting operations, the first Show takes place.
The Gallery is a space for admiration, contemplation and collecting.


Héctor Díaz, founder

Born in Juarez, Mexico, is a Zapopan-based Entrepreneur, Art dealer and Documentary Producer.
He gained notoriety in the international industry for integrating contemporary artists from many parts of the world. The accompaniment in the different stages of the creators’ careers distinguishes his work at the head of the Gallery. Firmly believes that beautiful Collections and enchanting Shows are the way to make audiences fall in love.

Héctor Díaz
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The Mona Lisa Project by Héctor Díaz Gallery

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