Helen Kagan and the Healing Power of Art

Helen Kagan

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“HealingArts” by Helen Kagan

I believe art heals. I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection. My “Healing Arts” is a statement of my beliefs.”

— Helen Kagan

NEW YORK, NY, USA, January 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Only recently the division of the realms of science and art was challenged in a concerted manner by visionary individuals with the courage of interdisciplinary insight. At the vanguard of this movement stands Dr. Helen Kagan – a scientist, holistic therapist, and artist – who integrates Fine Art, Expressive Arts, and the Art of Healing in her unique concept “HealingArts”, and who believes that now, more than ever, the World needs positive energy, positive colorful art, and spiritually-based intentions, beliefs, and values.

Helen’s journey to becoming a professional healing artist was intentional and multidisciplinary. She grew up in a Communist State where oppression and control were a daily reality, which formed her beliefs, values, and great respect for freedom to express oneself. Helen gained academic expertise in several fields, earning a PhD in Science and Master’s Degrees in both Engineering, Psychology, and Clinical Social Work. Working as a holistic therapist, social worker, spiritual counselor, and energy healer, Dr. Kagan continued to refine her unique, multi-dimensional concept “HealingArts she’s been developing for 25 years, which is built upon the belief that art is a catalyst for healing individuals, society, and the environment. As a pioneer in the field of creating art with an intention to heal, she elaborates, “I believe I am a true ‘healing artist’ who, as a severe PTSD survivor, started to first use art, energy and spiritual work, music, movement, and other expressive modalities to support my own healing, and then to extend my knowledge and expertise to enhance a healing process to those in need.” To positively impact as many people as possible, her Vision, Mission, and Purpose is to bring her unique “HealingArts” into healthcare settings, residential and commercial facilities, and hospitality contexts.

Into these too often drab and mundane spaces, Helen’s work injects vibrant colors and energetically balanced compositions that offer positive vibrational multi-sensory experiences to enhance harmony, wellbeing, and healing. Take, for example, her Collections ColorScapes, EnergyART, or the newest – “5D”, where her paintings are intuitively created, infused with healing frequencies, saturated with movement, passion, vibrancy, and called “symphony of colors”. As a New Yorker, many of the artworks in Helen’s Collection “New York, New York” were specifically created for the 9-11 Anniversaries. In so doing, her art enacts Helen’s assertion that “If you are looking for a quintessential insight, to embrace healing or are just wishing to feel better – you might find rewarding to meditate with it to experience the healing power of my art.”

It is no surprise then, that Helen’s art has gained widespread acclaim. Indeed, her “HealingArts” has won awards and shown in physical and online galleries around the world. Her work has been featured in dozens of Magazines and Catalogs (including FL Design Magazine, FineArt NY Magazine, BLINK Art Resource), exhibitions, and major Art Fairs (SPECTRUM Miami, ArtEXPO NY, ArtPalmBeach). In recent years, her art has been featured in more than 50 juried shows on the national and international levels. Helen is currently on Artsy.net with Contemporary Art Projects as one of the winners, she’s named a “Collectible Artist” by Brickell and Key Biscayne Magazines (2016), “Inspiration” International Catalog (2017), a “Top 60 Master” by Art Tour International (2018).

Yet, her Vision and Mission carry her forward. Even as she gifts her “HealingArts” in the throes of COVID through her latest pandemic series “Serenity,” Helen continues to look for opportunities to expand her healing art into health care facilities, hotels, residential and commercial buildings. Moreover, she hopes to bring her unique vision and art to fashion – to create © “wearable HealingArt” – once more flawlessly uniting the practicality of science with the creativity and beauty of art to bring wellbeing to the world.

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